Conan & Andy Revisit Their Traditional German Dance Lesson - CONAN on TBS
Conan and Andy look back on one of their favorite moments from "Conan Without Borders" in Berlin.

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  • Yarrsi

    So if Conan leaves TBS, does that mean he's gonna grow a beard again?

  • Backpfeifengesicht !
    Backpfeifengesicht !

    Learning "Bavarian dance" in Berlin... Americans 🙄😂 love conan 😘

  • Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας
    Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας

    German vs Irish drinkers.. who would win and why?

  • Pedro Gomes
    Pedro Gomes

    6:34 German dad: “Just one suggestion: don’t spread your fingers like this. We know you have ten fingers. It looks better to do it like this.” *[closes fingers while lifting his hand]* ✋🏻 oh boy, I know where this is going 😅

  • Asad Marji
    Asad Marji

    The ambitious field greely sprout because pyjama karunagappally cheat lest a loud october. general gentle, picayune jacket

  • Henrik Pettersson
    Henrik Pettersson

    One of the best remotes

  • discoStuOldSchool

    Haha great, but this is bavarian not german 😂

  • Kenneth Zeng
    Kenneth Zeng

    Love this clip.. also mad respect to Franz downing the stein like a boss 4:12

  • Jamie RB
    Jamie RB

    Conan don't go! 💔

  • JP

    First verk, zen ze fun Ok work is done, what do you guys do for fun? Ve verk for fun

  • Tibetan Monkey
    Tibetan Monkey

    Damn! Andy works out.

  • Nelson Fluckz
    Nelson Fluckz

    Was? Ja! Okay. It's just me teaching you basic German. Jawoll!

  • Ben 1989
    Ben 1989

    I thought he said Andy was doing the dance also? What does he even do! Ha

  • MayVic

    Conan's "No he did not"- face after the father showing him how his hands are gonna look better will forever be comedy gold

  • Mahadesh

    I lost it at "Brother on brother ass play" xDDD

  • VicGrimes

    traditional Bavarian dance lesson

  • Johan Öberg
    Johan Öberg

    Can't blame Jay this time

  • Jon Tee 4Free
    Jon Tee 4Free

    I'm excited for the future of team coco! It's crazy how things change

  • Kevin Blankenburg
    Kevin Blankenburg

    Doubt as it was in Berlin, rather Munich. This is very much southern German folk songs and traditions.

  • James Blip
    James Blip

    2 week Conan party at mine everyone, byob!

  • 030 Atul Kishan
    030 Atul Kishan

    First work zen ze fun

  • K P
    K P

    It feels like it’s the end of the world .

  • dizolv R
    dizolv R

    Conan/Andy are those rare comedians who consistently make me laugh out loud over and over, even as I'm all by myself. My neighbors must think I'm loony. Props to the editors too, who help make the pieces so hilarious.

  • Karise

    The ending was the funniest thing I've ever seen on this show.

  • Conor Donovan
    Conor Donovan

    "Brother on brother ass play" killed me! :D

  • zoperxplex

    The tension between the dad and Conan could be cut with a knife.

  • Paul Starr
    Paul Starr

    Any rich people here? I need someone to pay for my HBO-MAX subscription.

  • Deven Estes
    Deven Estes

    This might be my favorite thing from any Conan tied with every video with Jordan.

  • Olivia

    I think Conan was abit too rude to the old fella and his sons about their culture. Kinda sad. I know it's just jokes but it's overdoing it.

  • The Engineer
    The Engineer


  • YeeSoest

    As a german, I'm now crafting a petition to make Conan's version the official lyrics to "A Prosit der Gemütlichkeit" Also Andy Richter is now german by virtue of his intrinsic germanness.

  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan

    The dad looks like hitlers dad

  • Ganiscol

    I'm gonna miss these remotes. 😞 In fact, I have been missing them for quite some time...

  • Awakened Spirit
    Awakened Spirit

    Americans make fun of other peoples culture. Other people laugh at America for no culture. Only what they have stolen.

  • John Mackey
    John Mackey

    I always forget what a tall guy Andy is until he is standing right next to Conan.

  • John G
    John G

    Damnit why only 10 secs to react to it?

  • Mat S
    Mat S

    The father wasn’t angry at all.. his humor is just very subtle.. very german

  • Conan Inflable
    Conan Inflable

    "carved out of a sausage" allways get me

  • Raveonette

    I had to stop watching halfway through - I got an overwhelming urge to invade Poland.

  • Despite COVID
    Despite COVID

    wowwwww Coco is winding up wowowowowowwwwwwww

  • dawn linnell
    dawn linnell

    Conan looks like a giant Hummel figurine!

  • Victor Andersen
    Victor Andersen

    Bill Burr Conan! Hes become a bit of a tool but your dynamic togheter just makes me smile.

  • Rhea

    "Closer please"

  • Liam Lennon
    Liam Lennon

    BEST DAY EVER when I saw that Conan was in my hometown of Berlin and I subsequently met him at the "Wilde Renate" to shake his hand and take a picture with him! Of course, watching him performing on stage with a bondage-themed rock band was spectacular in its own ways :)

  • ElectricBlueSwirl

    I wonder what these guys were doing in Berlin with their Bavarian culture. I thought Berliners hated everything from southern Germany.

  • rockybalboa1465

    noob conan

  • Susana M. C.
    Susana M. C.

    The best one!!! I’ve watched this over 20 times and it gets me laughing out loud each time. Conan and Andy are the best

  • StillBelieve22

    Was really hoping to see a tombstone piledriver toward the end there.

  • DaveMcIroy

    Traditional german? It's bavarian, so not german at all.

  • JeezThats Cocky
    JeezThats Cocky

    Please please, bring on John Goodman to get the last guest medal. Pleeeeaaaasssseeee :)

  • Shailesh Rana
    Shailesh Rana

    The dad was such a sport.

  • Wasif Ali
    Wasif Ali

    Hopefully his streaming show is a "Conan Without Borders" series & he continues to do his podcast after late night.

  • Deeson Jame
    Deeson Jame

    'Brother on brother ass play'.

  • Pixie Q
    Pixie Q

    Omg, I forgot how hilarious this was! I'm excited to see Conan's new project. Post COVID, I hope he'll do these remotes again 💜

  • Abdul Basith
    Abdul Basith

    No other show hosts will do anything near to what Conan did in his career to entertain us.

  • Maanus Mei
    Maanus Mei

    Father character makes even Conan think that he's his father :D

  • williams williams
    williams williams

    So damn funny

  • VortexSnapshot

    Will Jordan be on the new show? I hope

  • Zach Ascot
    Zach Ascot

    Conan reacts would be a better format because we all can watch that clip on UZmilk! Best wishes

  • n0x

    Aren't we all carved out of a sausage?

  • Gabe Aguilar
    Gabe Aguilar

    I’m crying omg the father was so great with Conan and Andy lol

  • GekkoEntertainment

    Diese Kommentarsektion ist ab jetzt Eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

  • Denis

    Conan Without Borders will be missed. So fun watching other countries mocking Conan and he mocking them in return! Hope he do something similar with new show..

  • Leo Laggui
    Leo Laggui

    5:49 "First vork, zen ze fun" German mentality right there

    • Mark Mower
      Mark Mower

      And if we, and I do Mean We The People All of the People do not be careful the next questions they ask will be Zi papers, Zi Papers.

  • Brainheart

    Dear person that's reading: we don't know each others, but I wish& pray for you all the best in life ❤️ You don't even know how precious your life is, so never stop Smiling because it's precious. Go forward in life; and smile.. Love from a small UZmilkr❤️

  • The cankle king
    The cankle king

    This was the best without borders segment Conan ever did! 10/10 for hilarity

  • Poop NOODLE
    Poop NOODLE

    I can’t believe Conan looks the same now as he did then, I’m gonna miss this show so much😭

  • Aakash R.
    Aakash R.

    Please come to India once the pandemic subsides! 🇮🇳🙏

  • EyesOfByes

    5:49 *"Zen ze fun"* was comedy gold 😆😆

  • Mi

    It is so nice of the bartender, to let Conan use Andy Richter, the Swedish German.

  • Jeremiah

    Conan is hilarious, it’s amazing his skits are timeless, this is just as hilarious as it was when it first aired.

  • Borderlands808

    Jordan Shlansky will be “preparing his body in various ways” for this 2 week party.

    • Borderlands808

      @Jwixom you probably don’t get invited to a lot of parties. 🤷🏽😂🤣

    • Jwixom

      jordan is a bad person. he's an elitist and full of false pride. he claims to be Italian because he worships italians. hes not italian. he claims to be a 'nerd' and an expert in 'nerd' culture... but he's been proven wrong multiple times. he is the epitome of fake. he's dishonest and he's insecure in his own being, so he has to attack everyone around him. "oh, you dont know a few italian words, you can't use my espresso maker! (even tho conan paid for it.)" jordan is false. he's a liar and a poser.

    • Mark Mower
      Mark Mower

      Two weeks, I see him getting his own show for Two seasons and it would be like survivor he would get Andy Richter by his side half the time Conan the other half of the time. Shooting Darts and contemplating the Omniverse.

  • We're products Not consumers
    We're products Not consumers

    Youre the only good late night talk show host. Literally the only one that's funny.

  • Bh Sh
    Bh Sh

    Conan, You’re a legend. This is an end of an area.

  • Tyler Alexander
    Tyler Alexander

    Hopefully we have David Letterman guest before it ends. That would be amazing.

  • corey stanfill
    corey stanfill

    I would rather watch Heidi and Broomhilda....

  • Zachy Hex
    Zachy Hex

    This is kinda sad

  • Raito

    "You condone this?!" 😂😂

  • emilyc3177

    brother on brother ass play 😆😆


    When you realise he is a Harvard University student.

  • reticent e ville
    reticent e ville


  • Tess

    No problem Conan, I couldn't watch you on tv because I had to go w the cheapest option for cable, which is absurdly expensive in this country. I hope you will be on a better channel where I can watch you from now on. I love your trips abroad. They are the absolute best. Good luck Conan, always been a fan..

  • Ben

    I hope they recap the Finland remote

  • zizinnnn

    thank you for leaving your cuckoo clock! i’m dead :))))

  • haasepete

    I wonder if Conan always planned to step away from this format at this time. Or is this what a lack of an audience for 15 months does to a person.

  • Nandi Collector
    Nandi Collector

    *WE WANT JORDAN!!!!*

  • Anthony Kim
    Anthony Kim

    "First ze work. Zen ze fun."

  • LaChauntis Washington
    LaChauntis Washington

    LOL!!🤣🤣 I'm really going to miss them. It's funny that he looks like a 8yr old. I hope there will be clips of the best of Sona and Jordan schlansky.

  • Sir Hansen
    Sir Hansen

    The only place outside Bavarian in which you see something like this ;)

  • Khaleesi S.
    Khaleesi S.

    I was 12 when Conan aired on NBC. I would stay up to watch and I laugh. Conan will forever be my favorite talk show. ❤️❤️

  • Ryan Mainetti
    Ryan Mainetti

    RIP cardboard cutouts it's nice knowing you. Bring on the live audience.

  • Jason’s Daily Spottings
    Jason’s Daily Spottings

    I think I can help with that Frantz/ Hans dilemma … 🤣 (Step Brothers’ PAN/PAM)

  • Farhan Hasan
    Farhan Hasan

    Bring Jordan Schlansky for one last time

  • Jacques


  • Donavan Correa
    Donavan Correa

    I'm hoping there HBO Max show is more of a variety show. More on locations stuff, skits, and stuff like that.

  • Ian Patrick
    Ian Patrick

    8:04 When Conan says he wanted to bring in the most German guy he knew, I fully expected *Flula Borg* to pop out...ngl...rofl.

    • Yasmine Steinbauer
      Yasmine Steinbauer

      @Mark Mower The Hoff was hired by the German Federal Ministry of Health to promote corona vaccination. ( )😅

    • Mark Mower
      Mark Mower

      Don't lie you can hear that music now from KnightRider lol.

    • Mark Mower
      Mark Mower

      What about David Hasselhoff, Hahahahahahahaha 😀?!!!!

  • karakuri002

    conan's mane is starting to grey :O

  • Jack Dovletian
    Jack Dovletian

    Conan is awesome @_jackdovletian_

  • Ian Patrick
    Ian Patrick

    "I appreciate you leaving your CUCKOO clock to be here..." rofl...

  • Bluebirds

    "Wie gehts boys." ha ha ha!