Tom Hanks Isn't Always "The Nicest Guy In Hollywood" - CONAN on TBS
(Original airdate: 01/22/19) When the nicest guy in Hollywood says, “let me get this straight,” something has gone terribly wrong.

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  • Glazer Guy
    Glazer Guy

    Epstein island Tom the nice guy

  • Tails Seven
    Tails Seven

    Oh we all know that.

  • Strawberry Blonde Milk
    Strawberry Blonde Milk

    Probably used the line "let me get this straight" plenty of times last year when Q-anon tortured him on instagram, so much so that the poor guy had to switch off the comments

  • PlaceboPictures

    The man definitely didn’t bring his A-game to this interview.

  • The Backward Jumper Podcast
    The Backward Jumper Podcast

    Beware anyone who is promoted as being the nicest person around by an industry solely designed and developed by sharks.


    I think Hanks is no longer relatable at all lol. Dalai Lama? FOH.

  • Posthumanism Karma
    Posthumanism Karma

    He's so jumpy now. He knows what he's guilty of. He'll get exposed someday

  • Wanda Moroney
    Wanda Moroney

    The same with Tom as with Ellen, just be cause you are kind it doesn’t mean that you are a doormat! Everyone gets angry when there are injustices! You can’t be strong and successful and not stand up for yourself and your beliefs! “Let me get this straight”, I’m adding this to my repertoire!

  • MyDixieWrecked


  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz

    Tim Honks

  • Wiggles The Clown
    Wiggles The Clown

    June 21st

  • Oh-ya Duuude
    Oh-ya Duuude

    “I met this Issac Kappy fella, and I kicked him off a bridge. Then mocked his death on Instagram” is what I think he meant to say

  • Chuck Stevens
    Chuck Stevens

    We need a nice competition between Tom hanks and Keanu reeves. Not really a contest but more like they hang out and complement each other

  • N0bLy_Hades

    What a legend

  • Lucipherous de Illuminati
    Lucipherous de Illuminati


  • D Lovink
    D Lovink

    How about EPSTEIN island Tom?!!!

  • Geoffrey Gonzales
    Geoffrey Gonzales

    hes just so nice he can’t come up with any good examples

    • HX20 games
      HX20 games

      But Keanu have

  • Ronald Thomas
    Ronald Thomas


  • magnetmannenbannanen

    Tom Hanks right hand was visibly trembling when he put the mic back on.

    • Jonathan Rubino
      Jonathan Rubino

      That's his naughty hand

    • Posthumanism Karma
      Posthumanism Karma

      He knows what he's done, that's why he's suddenly all nervous. He'll get exposed someday

    • David Charles
      David Charles

      He has had this happen for a long time. In Saving Private Ryan it was wrote into the script to hide it. In a lot of scenes he will hold something with some weight to stop it. He has stated that he has seen a neurologist and nothing is wrong. It also doesn't seem to be getting worse over the years.

  • Patrick Sherman
    Patrick Sherman

    Why did Tom become a citizen of Greece?

    • Posthumanism Karma
      Posthumanism Karma

      @Icakie E damnnn...

    • Icakie E
      Icakie E

      Honorary citizen....

  • Brian E5349
    Brian E5349

    Eff tom hanks p.o.s. got something to say about masks now? Oh wait your best friend was Jeffrey epstien and you moved out of our country. Stay the eff out. Conan I use to have respect for you. Now I am glad the tonight show bent you over.

  • Mosh 76
    Mosh 76

    Tom Hanks is a tool!

  • Ring of Art R.O.A
    Ring of Art R.O.A

    Tom chester

  • maria rahel varnhagen
    maria rahel varnhagen

    "I Didn't Want To Meet Her So I Built A Death Ray"

  • Jessica McKa
    Jessica McKa

    Isn't he in hiding in a third world country, escaping Justice here, for his extracurricular activities on Epstein's Island? He's a sick twist. He ain't the nicest guy anywhere🍕😰👎😵🍕😱👿

  • Ally Anders
    Ally Anders


  • Ally Anders
    Ally Anders

    Anyone really believe him and his wife both got Corona virus right when coronavirus was first announced? Come on people

  • jonathan villa
    jonathan villa

    I imagine when Tom is mad he acts like Jimmy from a league of their own. Lol. "You're killing me Alice, you're killing me!"

  • I'M NPC
    I'M NPC

    It's also speak for jeffery why is someone in my seat?

  • I'M NPC
    I'M NPC

    Come back tom. We miss our interaction with you.

    • Ally Anders
      Ally Anders

      He didn't escape to a third world country for no reason dude

  • Juliia Miersch
    Juliia Miersch

    ist TH a pedofile creek

  • Dark Vengeance
    Dark Vengeance

    tom hanks aint always the nicest guy in hollywood, that vile thing is as creepy as creepy joe biden

    • Tails Seven
      Tails Seven

      Can confirm

    • Ally Anders
      Ally Anders


  • jeff silverman
    jeff silverman

    Tom Hanks isn't relevant any longer, and I seriously don't give a rat's ass.

  • Michael

    I worked for and with Tom back in the 90's as a stand in on the HBO production of From the Earth to the Moon. i can tell you that Mr. Hanks is indeed the nicest person i ever worked with and his wife was the second on that list. Just a fantastic couple of human beings. That said, if any of you want to hear the "Let me get this straight" business, go up to him in a restaurant while hes eating and interrupt his meal to ask for an autograph. I guarantee, you'll get it,.... and you'll walk away feeling like the jerk that you are for doing that. Also.....please don't actually try this. Its a really lousy thing to do to a celebrity. 🙏 If you think the covid quarantine was/is bad and not being able to go out the way you want or go where you want because of covid restrictions, just imagine how actors feel about never in their lives being able to go ANYWHERE without being harassed, photographed incessantly and abusively and being harassed to no end by people that gain satisfaction from demanding your signature while trying to eat dinner with your family and have no issue disturbing your privacy to steal a picture of you with them and your family. Honestly. 🙄

  • rob the elder
    rob the elder

    I for one will NEVER ever consume any product generated by or including Tom Hanks. He ran to Greece to escape legal problems and now from his villa he criticizes America. He needs to STFU.

  • Treebark41

    Whatever Dad. Lol

  • Roman deStreets
    Roman deStreets

    Hey brown people. These two guys really do care about you. So does Don Lemon. All the billionaires in charge of the establishment that you support with your TIME really do value you. Keep supporting these establishment celebrities brown people because they obviously care about you.

  • Peace Out
    Peace Out


  • Red Knight
    Red Knight


  • Nick Bernath
    Nick Bernath

    Tom Hanks is a kid "lover"

  • Alex Avramescu
    Alex Avramescu

    Hey ped ooo

  • Based Whiteman
    Based Whiteman

    Tom "Epstein island" Hanks.

  • TraskTalker

    Oh we know, just ask Isaac Kappy, if we could. Does Kappy haunt your dreams Tom? You still hitting up that spa in Turkey??? I think you guys call it Disneyland for adults? Those poor kids...

  • big blue
    big blue

    Tom Hanks needs to be in Jail. he is deeply involved in jeffrey Epstein island.

  • david forte
    david forte

    He got it STRAIGHT alright! All 6 times he flew to Epstein island on Epstein's private jet.

    • Ally Anders
      Ally Anders

      Conan forgot to ask him those questions

  • Nithish S
    Nithish S

    Hanks:I'm the nicest guy Reeves:the f#ck dude?

  • Steven Sanchez
    Steven Sanchez

    I think Tom Hanks is the kind of “Nice” the way Ellen was nice

    • Ally Anders
      Ally Anders

      I couldn't agree more I think he's a jagoff

    • Arthur Knight
      Arthur Knight

      @LEO or the other way of putting it as "i have gone full lunatic"

    • Oasis793

      @LEO please explain?

    • Joaquim Dickson
      Joaquim Dickson

      @LEO When was he not "woke"?

    • LEO

      I agree. I dislike him nowadays since he has gone all woke.

  • Ms Something
    Ms Something

    Yeah just ask all those kids he touched.

  • BlacK Rose
    BlacK Rose

    Nicest creeeeeep in HollYweirD.

  • lone wolf
    lone wolf

    Tom hanks looks like my uncle. May he rest in peace..

  • Only Tri
    Only Tri

    "Let me get this straight Buzz!! You think just because you're new, that makes you Andy's favorite toy?!!!"

  • Jimmy Barnes
    Jimmy Barnes

    You know Tom got mad at the Golden Globes last year. He opened a can of worms with his Social Media. Rot in HELL Tom! Executive Order 13818 removed him long ago. This isn't Tom! LOL

  • Axiil Team
    Axiil Team

    Haha uptop problems... I use temperpedic

  • B squared
    B squared

    there's no crying in baseball!

  • Gordon Hollis
    Gordon Hollis

    Tom Hanks is 100% an ENFJ, lol. Extroverted, but notice the thing that pisses him off is other people taking advantage of his good nature.

    • Hulk King
      Hulk King

      I think that's accurate lol.

  • Simpothy Forthadevil
    Simpothy Forthadevil

    I’d say having Isaac Kappy killed and then boldly mocking the glove at the site of the death rules him out.

    • Sterling Nix
      Sterling Nix

      Good someone else can't stand this lowlife

    • Jamir Baker V
      Jamir Baker V

      @Simpothy Forthadevil He was proven Innocent

    • Ꭲ Ꮋ Ꮎ Ꭱ
      Ꭲ Ꮋ Ꮎ Ꭱ

      @Simpothy Forthadevil bless you

    • Simpothy Forthadevil
      Simpothy Forthadevil

      @Aaron Nance as long as I’m alive I’ll keep mentioning it.

    • Aaron Nance
      Aaron Nance

      Glad someone brought this up.

  • Willy Bellido
    Willy Bellido

    I like Tom Hanks he is handsome.

    • Willy Bellido
      Willy Bellido

      Do you like Tom Hanks?

    • Willy Bellido
      Willy Bellido

      I apologize if I am bothering you or describing about Tom Hanks I am a fan of Tom Hanks he is an amazing actor a nice guy I really love Tom Hanks he is handsome.

    • Willy Bellido
      Willy Bellido

      Is it an opinion or is it a fact?

    • Nick Bernath
      Nick Bernath

      Hes a sicko that does things to kids

    • Willy Bellido
      Willy Bellido

      What do you mean?

  • Willy Bellido
    Willy Bellido

    Tom Hanks Fan?

  • Willy Bellido
    Willy Bellido

    Do you like Tom Hanks?

  • Willy Bellido
    Willy Bellido

    Hello I just read this Tom Hanks is an amazing actor.

  • megaguru777

    I bet he wasn't so nice when he was hanging out with Harvey and Epstein.

  • tara

    The title alone is a joke

  • tara

    I HAVE to believe that Conan doesn't really think he's a nice guy

  • Abdulaziz Ladan
    Abdulaziz Ladan

    Forrest Gump just turned to Forrest Grump.

  • Selene Moon
    Selene Moon

    Let me get this straight, just look at Tom Hanks' face when Ricky roasted his last Golden Globes...

  • 낑쓰

    "Let's get this straight!"

    • david forte
      david forte

      He got it straight when he went to Epstein island 6 times. Soon as ghislaine got arrested he was gone

  • Andrew

    let me get this straight? this is a bit...or is it

  • Travis McClung
    Travis McClung

    Isn't this the guy that takes weird Instagram photos of kids missing shoes?

    • Ally Anders
      Ally Anders

      Yeah and he's the one that pretended to have the Coronavirus

  • Paul None
    Paul None

    When was this filmed? The real Tom hanks has already been arrested for crimes against humanity. Unless this is a body double.

    • Icakie E
      Icakie E

      Lmao are you trolling 💀

  • Franz Huber
    Franz Huber

    The WKYK knew it all along:

  • Christopher Steele
    Christopher Steele

    conan is amazing

  • Christopher Steele
    Christopher Steele

    this is a message for conan. please use your immemse power and connections to get patrick warburton to do a spoken word version of i am the walrus. i really wanna hear him go coo coo ca cho

  • Sophia Miguel
    Sophia Miguel

    The title for the nicest guy is Bill Hader

  • Internet Webs
    Internet Webs

    How do I say this nicely. I live in Hollywood/LA and I know 2nd hand he is only nice if you're famous like Ellen is only nice her famous friends.

  • Ali Yunus
    Ali Yunus

    "nicest guy of Hollywood my aas!" 🤦🏻‍♂️😝

  • Bruce Dickinson
    Bruce Dickinson

    I have a feeling Tom has said “Let me get this straight,” to Chet many more times than Colin

    • Nathan Lee
      Nathan Lee

      @david forte no one cares about your fake conspiracy theory stop commenting on every comment no one cares stop asking for attention

    • david forte
      david forte

      He got it straight alright! All 6 times he flew to Epstein island

  • Wolf Mountford
    Wolf Mountford

    He's great friends with a guy named Harvey

  • Jacob Green
    Jacob Green

    Hmmmm... 🍕 🍕 I wonder why someone is a legal citizen of Greece all of a sudden?

  • Tech One
    Tech One

    He reminds me of the Queen of England.

    • Tails Seven
      Tails Seven

      Probably the blood drinking

  • Passerby

    Isaac kappy didn’t kill himself

  • 3ngi N33r
    3ngi N33r

    Soooo hanx isn’t a creep now?

  • fashionicon

    Do y'all believe the tom is a pedo story?

  • Christopher Steele
    Christopher Steele

    this is a message for conan. please use your immemse power and connections to get patrick warburton to do a spoken word version of i am the walrus. i really wanna hear him go coo coo ca cho

  • Abdul Waseh
    Abdul Waseh

    You know , I didn't even know this Tom hanks person. Then I watched his movie The Man With one Red Shoe. Good movie.

  • William Ramirez
    William Ramirez

    Nice suit Tom.

  • jms

    Itd be cool to do a second forest gump

  • Julian _
    Julian _

    Cloud Atlas may be the only movie I truly love Tom Hanks’ range in.

  • Stan Lee
    Stan Lee

    He can't even act angry.

  • Derek Brenden
    Derek Brenden

    If I ever meet Tom Hanks I'm gonna say "Let me get this straight, people are still excited to see you at airport's?"

    • Nick Bernath
      Nick Bernath

      I'd tell him he a kid "lover"

    • Kielbasa Boii
      Kielbasa Boii

      no you wont

  • MrRazNZ

    he could've avoided that mic incident if he just didn't care when he saw in the monitor that he was cranking the 70s "collar over lapel" vibe - shoulda kept it lol

    • Stone Hobson
      Stone Hobson

      Style will get you in trouble when you're not really a stylish person. I'm familiar with that, too.

  • allen martinez
    allen martinez

    Ask Tom about Jeffrey Epstein, why did Tom move to a country that wont extradite for pedophile crimes... so many questions for old Tom.

  • emcee009

    Must suck when you're trying to do your tough-guy voice, but no one takes you seriously because it still sounds like Woody from Toy Story is yelling at them.

  • Ted Flanc
    Ted Flanc

    If anyone wants to be "angry" Tom Hanks, just watch his 80's and 90's films. He screamed a lot in the Money Pit!!!

    • TheViktorPutin

      @pnut3844able good, I did too

    • pnut3844able

      Just know he went to Epstein Island!!

  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis

    Conan is funny

  • Eric Lester
    Eric Lester

    let me get this straight...You actually think you're the real buzz lightyear...?

  • Clan Symbiont
    Clan Symbiont

    What a dic...

  • billiejean

    We know hes not. Roadkill.

  • Michael H
    Michael H

    Man, Hanks was just not landing that bit for that crowd. Easy capital for Conan.

    • Tails Seven
      Tails Seven

      Pretty funny, Conan strung him up

  • Vivo Latino
    Vivo Latino

    Let me get this jacket straight...

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