Shelley Winters Holds Her Breath For A Full Minute - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"
(Original airdate: 12/02/94) Shelley Winters talks about working on “The Poseidon Adventure” with Gene Hackman and holds her breath for one minute. Watch more classic clips @ .

  • Thomas Hoffman
    Thomas Hoffman

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  • Brain Lock
    Brain Lock

    I know I've seen her in loads of other things, but she'll always be Nana Mary. StL Walk of Fame in the House! Her star is just down from her TV caveman/son in law's.

  • DrummahMike

    Wim Hoff: "Hold my beer."

  • The Man w/No Name
    The Man w/No Name

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  • K P
    K P

    I love how Andy gave her a gentle shoulder rub after she was done . What a sweet man

  • Matthew Stechel
    Matthew Stechel

    I love that my first thought on seeing this was "Oh No! Shelly Winters must've died!!!" Googled it--she died 15 years ago!!! (You've got me trained too well Team Coco youtube account!)

    • nonoo

      Does that mean that she had hold her breath for 15 years now? Wow!

  • Buckshot

    "Women have lung volumes that are 10 to 12 percent less than men, because their rib cages are usually smaller." -The Smithsonian Your move.

    • Em Bem
      Em Bem

      @Lynnchotoo Cho Probably cervical ribs (some people both men and women have them). I have them and they move sometimes and give me bad neck pain 😢

    • Lynnchotoo Cho
      Lynnchotoo Cho

      @TheMowens After seeing my x-rays, Dr. told me that I have an extra rib. ?

    • TheMowens

      @Lynnchotoo Cho No, men and women both have 24 ribs. That's just a dumb bible fairytale story.

    • Lynnchotoo Cho
      Lynnchotoo Cho

      plus a man has one less rib , right ?

  • May May Somner
    May May Somner

    What an incredible person.

  • zoperxplex

    This is a great treat.

  • Tom Lee
    Tom Lee

    I tried it alongside and barely managed the minute! I do have asthma mind. :')

  • drumboarder1

    Now THIS is television!

  • SephiaSky Gaming
    SephiaSky Gaming


    • Teams Coco .
      Teams Coco .

      Thanks for watching ...... ..... F

  • Rockman IXA
    Rockman IXA

    "I'm telling the same stories over and over again, like Shelley Winters on the Tonight Show..." - Al Bundy

  • Big Herb McHerbface
    Big Herb McHerbface

    48 seconds for me.

    • Nikolay

      43 :(

    • Teams Coco .
      Teams Coco .

      Thanks for watching ...... ..... F

  • Dan Burke
    Dan Burke

    It's great that Shelley Winters was still active in the 1990s. Why she agreed to play Pauly Shore's mother in "Jury Duty", however, I'll never know.

  • Mustafa

    Conan is so young in this clip

    • Péñïš cøçk
      Péñïš cøçk

      he doesn’t age😂

  • Zetsuke4


  • Nanashi

    Do Tom Cruises 6 minutes, then get back to me.

    • Nobody Mellow
      Nobody Mellow

      He probably lied about it

    • Buckshot

      @fritzbrown what's that have to do with anything?

    • Nanashi

      @fritzbrown All religious beliefs are shitty, but it doesn’t subtract from impressive achievements

    • fritzbrown

      get back to me when Tom Cruise quits scientology.

    • igano

      Well she was breathing through the nose so could probably do years not minutes.

  • Sueboo A
    Sueboo A

    I love these older shows. I was probably in my teens when Shelly was swimming around and I am sure she is still holding her breath upstairs

  • Grok Effer
    Grok Effer

    I enjoyed her performance in Winchester '73.

  • Bad Homwork
    Bad Homwork

    Was the Posiden Adventure the script that was read at his apartment?

  • Tesla H
    Tesla H

    nice to see Alloy on Conan

  • Jessica Cheramie
    Jessica Cheramie

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    • Buckshot

      If you can't prove it you need to delete your youtube account and never make another comment again. Pretty sad when you to randomly insert your belief in a comment thread. Are you convincing yourself, or what?

    • Buckshot

      Prove it

    • igano

      So he's like a zombie now? wtf that's creepy.

    • SUB if u hate BRYCE HALL
      SUB if u hate BRYCE HALL

      @Prashant Negi hahahah god gets sick and poeple pray for him to help them in life

    • Prashant Negi
      Prashant Negi

      Jesus is dead ??? i didn't even know he was sick.

  • Talkies

    This was such a treat! Shelley Winters is an absolute legend. 🥰

    • Val MacClinchy
      Val MacClinchy

      That was over a minute! Now I want to watch The Posiden Adventure again...Great movie!

  • Erin in Copenhagen
    Erin in Copenhagen

    Hello from Copenhagen, Denmark! ❤️🇩🇰❤️🇩🇰❤️🇩🇰

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    Testing Buddies


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      Teams Coco .

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