Sarah Silverman Looks Back At Her First "Late Night" Appearance - CONAN on TBS
CONAN Highlight: “Thank you for being such a big part of our foolishness for the last 28 years.” - Conan reminisces about Sarah’s many memorable appearances.

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    Before she pulled the ladder up behind herself

  • Frank Black
    Frank Black

    so is that 3 or 4 nose jobs later lmfao

  • neweng research
    neweng research

    "My teeth look smaller now" because they are smaller. look at the bottom edge. Now they all end at the same point. Back then the front ones went down lower than the others. Also the bags under her eyes are gone. No wonder why she aged so well. And her nose looks different. Her nostrils are more obvious. Did she get her nose turned up? But definite work on the teeth and eyes.

  • Eddie Schneider
    Eddie Schneider

    whoever this lady is i don't like her

  • Andrew T
    Andrew T

    Dave Grohl is looking great these days.

  • LuneyTune72

    The lighting is so bad on this show, everyone looks like a dolled up corpse. Conan is explosively orange though, what an ugly set.

  • Mustafa Bhadsorawala
    Mustafa Bhadsorawala

    Conan I will be your friend!!

  • Johanna Reynolds
    Johanna Reynolds

    Jeff goldblum?

  • Georgia Overdrive
    Georgia Overdrive

    Somber mood.

  • Roy Wilson
    Roy Wilson

    I got quite emotional watching this. Damn!

  • eliaswolf77

    Conan: I was 30 when I started the tonight show 27 year olds who are unemployed with a useless degree: So I still have time

    • eliaswolf77

      Obviously we all know that he wrote for SNL and the Simpsons before having his own talkshow

    • Pineapple Pioneer
      Pineapple Pioneer

      He was also a Harvard graduate and a writer prior

  • Josh Vaughn
    Josh Vaughn

    The Jewess high priestess and her nastiness.

  • Clickster

    I love all three of these comedians: Sarah, Andy, and... that other guy (I forget his name. But he’s great too). Keep up the funny work, all three of you (should you happen to see this).

  • Luis Enrique Barreto Periche
    Luis Enrique Barreto Periche

    So, when is Jordan gonna show up??

  • kumar01234

    Why didn't he just do it two more years and get a perfect 30 or or why not 41 more years and end it at 69 years

  • Victor Chang
    Victor Chang

    Gotta get Norm on the show one last time

  • Thomas c
    Thomas c

    They should due a star studded Roast of Conan O'Brien as part of the last show. And not on sorry ass Comedy Central. On TBS

  • Mossy Moose
    Mossy Moose

    Shes always been cute

  • Dom Wings
    Dom Wings

    Am I the only one that hates Sarah Silverman but also loves Conan? Judging by the likes… shocking

  • theBaronDisco

    Sarah's face used to move, weird.

  • C G42
    C G42

    Remember when Silverman was funny? Me either.

  • afghan sabog
    afghan sabog

    1993: not funny 2021: not funny

  • Alaskan1Medic

    Still not funny.

  • nattsurfaren

    This felt soo cringy

  • Greek

    I really like her nostrils

  • eltzrothm1

    It's like a flashback to when she was funny. Then she caught liberalism and it's been all downhill from there. It's a shame.

  • BrokenGod Ent.
    BrokenGod Ent.

    I hope he gets Norm on one last time.

  • Friis Torben Tappert
    Friis Torben Tappert

    I can only imagine how these guys look to younger audiences especially today. I remember as a kid seeing people like Lucille Ball way beyond their prime on TV and my parents reminiscing along with them and I was like who are these super old people.

  • Robert Rogers
    Robert Rogers

    I'm going to miss clueless gamer,Sonya skits.

  • Jacked Kerouac
    Jacked Kerouac

    Her politics was getting overbearing on twitter but I can't deny that she's a legend in comedy. Snl, Seinfeld, Mr Show, the Larry Sanders Show, and a bunch of classic comedy movies

  • Mark Krawetz
    Mark Krawetz

    i really like you

  • Mark Krawetz
    Mark Krawetz

    look at Sarahs pants from the 70s

  • Bromley Simon
    Bromley Simon

    Conan and Sarah were just funnin' about Sarah's face growing into better proportion to her teeth over time. The reality is that her teeth today are perfectly sized and fitted manufactured teeth, and she is clearly receiving excellent value for her cosmetic dentistry dollars. It's been such an important factor in enhancing and maintaining Sarah's beauty.

    • Farben Froh
      Farben Froh

      But is it "her" beauty then? I mean, it is artificial.

  • will smeaton
    will smeaton

    Norm. wheres Norm? Get Norm Macdonald. Norm. Norm Now. Norm. Your Fan: Will

  • Chris Hindman
    Chris Hindman

    She's had some work on her eye or something lately.

  • rebel scum
    rebel scum

    This made me sad

  • Adam Lowes
    Adam Lowes

    Silverman is a babe

  • Michael Waldrep
    Michael Waldrep

    She's even cuter now than when she was young, amazing.

  • Smeagol Mazurenko
    Smeagol Mazurenko

    She's got the face of a burn victim now

  • Alex

    Oh the US of A, you can buy semi automatic guns but showing lips as fake lady parts is a no go... 😑 (can't even say the V word here or it gets auto deleted, even tho you can say s**t on TBS)

  • Christian Tyner
    Christian Tyner

    Sarah Silverman looks back on when she was funny and not a hacktivist that everyone tires of hearing speak

  • Junk Mail
    Junk Mail

    The part where she schools women complaining about losing to men in womens sports is right on the money. Why have genders? We should all be in the same category as HUMANS. We'd then be able to gather around cheering on a man as he breaks the skull of a woman on live tv.

  • Steven Torrey
    Steven Torrey

    I never get past her watching louis c K; Sarah, give me a call!

  • 1000 1000
    1000 1000

    Please, I beg you, for the love of God, stop it with the botox... You had more wrinkles in your 20's than you have now.

  • mwgcubs

    Not sure how anyone could find her funny.

  • D Palmer
    D Palmer

    Sarah had a Marlo Thomas and That Girl look going in that first visit

  • staysic

    First time seeing lips being censored on tv 😅

  • M$.$OTO1111

    Conan is my favorite red rose, he is the best!!

  • anton lavey
    anton lavey

    Before and after and still ugly.

  • Mauricio Hernandez
    Mauricio Hernandez

    The cocaine did its work on her jaw 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

  • TJ Carroll
    TJ Carroll

    I hope she accidentally goes away forever haha. Not does or anything, but get canceled and her career in ruins :D

  • Frodo H
    Frodo H

    She is amazing and crazy

  • John Edward
    John Edward

    She legit doesn't look much different. It's what you say to older women I know but this is one who really did not change much from 22 to 50. Don't smoke or become an alcoholic kids.

  • Xander One
    Xander One

    A Sarah Silverman sighting?.....yes please and thank you.

  • Ma6roshi23

    Shes so disgusting, never felt shes funny..

  • Garrett

    I really wish you still had the beard. Andy is the man.

  • AH! Why is there poop in your mouth
    AH! Why is there poop in your mouth

    Lips. Andy goes for the kill. 3:24

  • John Y.
    John Y.

    *That "Anti-Vape" commercial, the one when the person is like "People vape because it is a coping mechanism"... That person looks like a younger Sarah Silverman.*

  • MrPrice2u

    Back when her facial muscles actually still worked. Still love her though.

  • Jose Rojas
    Jose Rojas

    One of my favorite comedians 😂

  • shubhank srivstava
    shubhank srivstava

    She looks like a man

  • Michael Armstrong
    Michael Armstrong

    She looks a lot better now at 50 than she did at 22.

  • aidos socratis
    aidos socratis

    She looked like Gilbert Gottfried in that photo

  • Izom

    i still have a crush on this sarah girl ! ;-)

  • Daan Demeyer
    Daan Demeyer

    I hope he has Norm Macdonald a final time

  • Cooking with Yarda
    Cooking with Yarda

    I remember her from Star Trek Voyager, cool girl !!

  • Fabian Kirchgaessner
    Fabian Kirchgaessner

    The fact that thid has to be blurred is ridiculous

  • Artonline

    Norm must be his last guest. Norm was more important to Conan than Dave Letterman. I hope Norm will give Conan a similar sendoff as he did Dave.

  • Ru so
    Ru so

    She looks great now but she was so cute at that time 😍

  • Artonline

    I must admit the cell phone thing I revisited a few times late at night but I am not ashamed. It was wayyyyy better before they pixelated your mouth.

  • Eric Uytdehaag
    Eric Uytdehaag

    Holy fox 🦊 Sarah 👀 even better now. 😍😍

  • Eric Quezada
    Eric Quezada


  • NewSongs4TheWorld

    Conan is about to end his show? How brutal is that?

  • harveyscott

    This kinda sucks knowing this show is going to end. We will never get to see Paul Rudd's new movie Mac & Me ever again

  • Susan Sucks
    Susan Sucks

    imagine there is no... men fighting in women fights..

  • Abc Xyz
    Abc Xyz

    Sarah age so so well. She look great now

  • Trade Craft
    Trade Craft


  • Ninja Wizard
    Ninja Wizard

    This woman is beyond ridiculous. she actually thinks a BIOLOGICAL male can somehow turn into a woman or something, she is delusional and deny science.

  • MDYT

    Her misguided and vocal political views as of late have completely killed her appeal for me unfortunately.

  • Arnuuld

    Very cute for a horse!

  • Lostsage01

    I swear this woman doesn’t age


    Bro her back and shoulder gained a lott of muscle since thenn

  • dangolfishin

    Went and watched it. She was good. I didn't laugh but it was entertaining for sure.

  • Alistair Wallace
    Alistair Wallace

    Leather jacket Conan looks like he’s a producer of really cheap porn; #dress like the job you want

  • wlcsp

    Sarah not funny Silverman is a canceller who got cancelled.

  • Duane Raymond
    Duane Raymond

    Sarah actually looks prettier now that she's older...that'll make her year but it's true.

    • Wintermute

      @Duane Raymond Four seasons? Now that actually *would* make a year. Congrats, we got there.

    • Duane Raymond
      Duane Raymond

      @Wintermute forget winter, you need to be a mute for all seasons.STFU!!!

    • Wintermute

      @Duane Raymond Embarrassing.

    • Duane Raymond
      Duane Raymond

      @Wintermute Yourak Hunte

    • Wintermute

      @Duane Raymond Wow, great comeback buddy - really made my day.

  • Forum Pub Quizz biz
    Forum Pub Quizz biz

    Conan, I have been assidiously watching your show and savoured each episode of it ! In this episode, I heartily laughed, and am quite sensitive to your sense of humour as well as Sarah's ! I adored your most tangible chemistry there, and am delighted at your having once more invited, for it reminded me of my having yet to discover her podcast, which I already imagine mortally funny and profitable ! I absolutely adored your episode on video gaming with JB Smooth and loved your episode with Lisa Kudrow more than any other(how moving and fun it was; thank you very much indeed for both of your encouraging words to aspiring actors, your exquisite jokes, as ever, and, what was more, to have shewn us what your acting classroom looked like and recounted us those anecdotes, which was captivating and amusing in the highest degree, the awkward conclusion of this episode included !🎆😂),which I found extremely moving and captivating, which also reminds me of your no less moving and captivating speech concerning the end of this show !😊 I shall keep following you, and am also greatly rejoicing at this new chapter of your life, which I wish you most amiable and still more captivating than the preceding and current ones have been, especially as it will be with the famous HBO Max; warm bravos for it, and I am already longing to discover this forthcoming show of yours !😁 In this speech, I also admired your not having spoken ill of your current employer or your work experience with him thus far ! I must also add that I have also been much enjoyed Andy in " Santa Clarita Diet ", and also heartily laugh at his interventions ! I wish you both much continued successes in all your respective and common future works, if any ! Incidentally, I also mortally love your eloquence, Conan, and how both you and Andy always appropriate your humour and respective eloquences to your guests' ! P.S: 1) I hope that you both sometimes read of our comments, and that this is another one which you will be able to notice amongst this mountain of comments, which are left to both of ye !😂 2) 20 bravos also for your continuous possibility to pursue " Conan Without Borders " for TBS !😊

  • The Progressive Goldbug
    The Progressive Goldbug

    Sarah literally does not age

  • Paul Miner
    Paul Miner

    If you want a Sarah Silverman throwback, watch the opening scene from Way Of The Gun (it's on UZmilk).

  • Marcus Huser
    Marcus Huser

    Sarah looks fantastic!

  • Illiam Deebe
    Illiam Deebe

    Her affectation voice reminds of the half french-canadian girls from Sudbury, Ontario.

  • zoperxplex

    This makes me want to cry.

  • Puppy Puppington
    Puppy Puppington

    Why did they blur out his lips?!?!?

  • ice cold
    ice cold

    She looks more like "Jonathan Silverman". 😆😆😆😆😆

  • Jay Ayers
    Jay Ayers

    I knew where the tongue joke was going. Still, it was hilarious!

  • Adriano Bausch
    Adriano Bausch

    Never thought she be a person for a nose job

  • ♛ Huffdaddy™
    ♛ Huffdaddy™

    Huge celebrity crush 😍

  • Stephen Willis
    Stephen Willis

    She used to look pretty.

  • John Nash
    John Nash

    Sarah is so smart and fun!

  • fifth race
    fifth race

    For me, you are the Goat Conan. I've been a fan since 2003, and I want to thank you. God knows you did it and you are the best. May God bless you always