Don Cheadle "Foolishly" Tried Stand-Up In High School - CONAN on TBS
Had he not bombed his third-ever gig, Don could’ve had an amazing career as a stand-up comedian.

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  • KalajengkingHitam

    Mary Kaan

  • mavfan1

    Wow that was an awkward start Cone Bone.

  • 柳岑焉


  • Sunshine 888
    Sunshine 888

    Excuse me turned into move.

  • Shoshanna Cohen
    Shoshanna Cohen

    All the money in the world could not convince me to have his face

  • Gelap Jinkuro
    Gelap Jinkuro

    ha.. that's the reason he's showing his infamous stand-up talent in Avengers : Age of Ultron. "BOOM !! You're looking for this ?" 😄

  • SKG Anno
    SKG Anno

    He shoulda based his standup on his mom. Move! :D

  • De De
    De De

    I'll bet he's funnier than Joe Rogaine.

  • steve conn
    steve conn

    Takes years of practice. Don was made for acting.

  • HimalayanBowls

    Sorry Don Pope Francis was way later than you at 17. Like decades.

    • BrokenGlassShimmerLikeStarDust

      Yeah must have been another one Jean Paul II or something.

  • Muhammad Syafiq Mohd Zaki
    Muhammad Syafiq Mohd Zaki

    If Don Cheadle's Mum's "Excuse me" turns into "Move", then after him finding that gun, I'm guessing all her "Please" would turn into "You'd better". Hehehe.

  • Angel X Santana
    Angel X Santana

    I can’t wait to see Conan on hbo max I got it n I’m ready!!! 🔥💪🏻💯

  • Hesh Krish
    Hesh Krish

    What she needed was a little 22 You can still hear when you miss You wont be blinded by the muzzle flash

    • Gusti Norsatyo Malik
      Gusti Norsatyo Malik

      If you don't know what the hell this guy said, you don't hang around Conan's channel long enough

    • Inttroverted Monk
      Inttroverted Monk

      .38 meant to scare people away, so it works perfect. .22, you might as well spit at the person.

    • Graham Sutton
      Graham Sutton

      @Chicken Saturday *high pitched Elijah wood* "A SICKLE?!"

    • Chicken Saturday
      Chicken Saturday

      That way if you miss you can still see the guy creeping along the side with a sickle

  • Blingchachink

    Aw cheadle the baby with the dumbass hat

  • Carlos Zavala
    Carlos Zavala

    Don Cheadle the Swedish German

  • Chicken Saturday
    Chicken Saturday

    Conan is looking like he's wearing a leather Conan mask

    • brunskies92

      Chicken Saturday I’m sorry. I would sculpt you a face but I was born without hands you see.

    • Chicken Saturday
      Chicken Saturday

      @brunskies92 How dare you. I was born without a face, thank you very much. oh who am I kidding? you sure showed me!

    • brunskies92

      do you feel better now? Let’s see your selfie let’s go Mr. confident.

    • Chicken Saturday
      Chicken Saturday

      @T J considering that he looks like he's wearing a Leatherface mask of his own face, I agree.

    • T J
      T J

      I mean he's almost 60, people age, and he's not doing the hollywood plastic surgery thing. He looks pretty good considering

  • Marcus TR
    Marcus TR

    I miss you sir, I wish Tony Stark was there and flying with you in those iron suits.

  • Expel The Degenerate Males
    Expel The Degenerate Males

    I love Conan

  • Commander Vittitow
    Commander Vittitow


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    Gaming with Warzone