Ron Burgundy's Secret To Great Hair - CONAN on TBS
(Original airdate: 11/20/13) It's a very involved hair gel recipe that includes eggs, bourbon, and a fistful of bouillon cubes.

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  • C M
    C M

    2:06 Pictured: Will nearly breaking character, but catching himself.

  • I_Am_EZ_MAC

    Absolutely fabulous 🌞 #MACISBACK ♥️

  • Alisienne D'Angoulême
    Alisienne D'Angoulême

    Cat Urine ... & Bake ... Breath for Women ... Executive Breath ... Sardines ... Like the hair recipe ... But no cat urine ... What runs through Will Ferrell's head in his dreams ... that might be frightening 🙀 💩🐠🚬🤮 🐽🥓🤮🤢🍶 And Serve ...

  • sno saer
    sno saer

    did you guys hear Ron’s take on the vaccine??

  • Deeson Jame
    Deeson Jame

    "and said konichiwa" The only part of the story I don't believe. Bruce is Chinese.

    • imsupapro


  • 韓国미국J

    ron burgundy's japanese is horrible

  • Ayad Ali
    Ayad Ali

    😂😂😂I laughed hard at the summer breeze over a garbage dump joke!🤣🤣🤣

  • vijay

    Can someone make that hair gel

  • Saleem Frazer
    Saleem Frazer

    I forgot how much I love this character. One of the funniest in cinema history.

  • carpe diem
    carpe diem

    Lol 😂 I couldn’t stop laughing 😆 btw konichiwa is Japanese 🤣

  • Neil Brocklebank
    Neil Brocklebank

    He looks like he should be selling pillows on Fox

  • MJ Gaudier
    MJ Gaudier

    Instructions not clear: my hair on fire.

  • li min
    li min

    isnt that will ferrel

  • Silent Gamer
    Silent Gamer


  • R. Marr
    R. Marr

    Now that the show is going to be « something else somewhere else » can we finally know what’s Jordan’s job is ? Or will it be like the polar bear on Lost ?

  • Jasper Levien
    Jasper Levien

    "You're very lucky your in prison my friend, do you understand me when I say that?"


    Conan And Will Ferrell 🔥

  • Ivy Lynn
    Ivy Lynn

    “We just bowed and said konichiwa”

  • DikkieDikism

    Bruce lee was chinese, not Japanese.. so the konichiwa didn’t make a lot of sense.

    • Holly Shepard
      Holly Shepard

      I think he meant to say it like that to be funny. Ron Burgundy isn't always the most intelligent or politically correct.

    • Dan Iel
      Dan Iel

      Ya that was a poor choice of words..

  • Dane Bolima
    Dane Bolima


  • Joey

    Almost thought Will and Ron are two different guys

  • OMEGA 20Z
    OMEGA 20Z

    God i missed those years :(

  • Mr. Bruh
    Mr. Bruh

    He kinda looks like will ferrell

  • TheMaster Zman11
    TheMaster Zman11

    Nvr ceases to amaze me how he does not break character

  • watchNcarry

    I cant find this episode in its entirety. Please post up this whole episode somewhere TeamCoco. Love this

  • grig


  • Jyoti Prakash
    Jyoti Prakash

    was he named after his hair color

  • TheMel0mano19

    I'm not sure about using PAINT THINNER to put in the oven but... I'll give it a whirl 🤔🤔

  • Jim

    I thought only Bill Burr could make Conan laugh this hard

    • Mike Wassef
      Mike Wassef

      Norm Macdonald too

  • John Heart
    John Heart

    When is Burgundy's podcast with Caroline coming back?

    • John Heart
      John Heart

      @Dave of the Triffids thanks! I’ll check them out!!!!

    • Dave of the Triffids
      Dave of the Triffids

      It's back. The first episode of the new season was 4 days ago.

  • K B A N E
    K B A N E

    This guy reminds me of will Ferrell

  • Travis Niles
    Travis Niles

    I've watched the original video a hundred times lol this is my favorite Conan episode.

  • Natali Todorova
    Natali Todorova

    " urine..." XD

  • Liza Rosa
    Liza Rosa

    I need that hair gel concoction recipe. .

  • Avalanche

    He never breaks character. Legend.

    • Austin

      He has broken character a couple times on talk shows but it’s rare and hilarious

  • Blocker Boy
    Blocker Boy

    Conan, please write a memoir...

  • Ganna Lavrova
    Ganna Lavrova

    Love him!

  • GrayWoIf

    I recomend everyone listen to the Ron Burgundy podcast it's the funniest thing since the first movie

  • yoyolebatteur

    Almost pitched Get Hard.

  • Iron Fan
    Iron Fan

    Taking notes... ✍🏽✍🏽✍🏽

  • Don’t worry ab it
    Don’t worry ab it

    Has he ever had a normal interview lmao

  • JAZZ Sami
    JAZZ Sami

    Alright I guess my Will Ferrell on Conan marathon starts now!

  • Oz


  • A man from This Planet
    A man from This Planet

    Will ferrell is so funny man😂😂😂💚

  • Mohamed Farouk
    Mohamed Farouk

    The executive's breath. LOL

  • Frank MacLeod
    Frank MacLeod

    One of the best newsmen ever.

  • J. Mig
    J. Mig

    I had to re-watch this to make sure I didn’t miss anything whilst taking notes, thanks 👍🏻

    • Nozer Irani
      Nozer Irani


    • jjt123093


  • American Citizen
    American Citizen

    Ty. Great video! 😆😆😆🍦❤️🇺🇸🌲🌲🌲

    • American Citizen
      American Citizen

      @Island Vibes 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    • Island Vibes
      Island Vibes

      I heard your from Canada and built a house of lies

  • Leon Pooperman The Crying Fat Billionaire
    Leon Pooperman The Crying Fat Billionaire

    He looks more like the My pillow guy

  • DramatisPersona

    Fan Correction: Konnichiwa is a japanese word.

    • Nathanael Tan
      Nathanael Tan

      Probably just a typical "Asian" joke

  • Hellboy

    Volcaaaanooo maaaan...🎶🎶🎵🎵

  • Pog

    He should meet Will Ferrell

  • Kenneth Delfin
    Kenneth Delfin

    Something something something like finding $20 in my pocket

  • Jennifer Stringham
    Jennifer Stringham

    OMG Will is the BEST

  • Marty D
    Marty D

    breaths 🤣

    • payable on death
      payable on death


  • Miriam Strauss
    Miriam Strauss

    *”If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time."* -- Steve Jobs

    • Kevin Hernandez
      Kevin Hernandez

      @Geoffrey Gonzales I have nokia

    • Kevin Hernandez
      Kevin Hernandez

      @Geoffrey Gonzales Nokia

    • Geoffrey Gonzales
      Geoffrey Gonzales

      @Claiming Light what phone do you have

    • Claiming Light
      Claiming Light

      Get in there and make me a phone, damn it! What do I pay you people for? - Steve Jobs

  • Justin H. Music
    Justin H. Music

    Please tell me Anchorman 3 is coming!

  • TauntingBatmanV1

    God please make another anchorman

    • Gianmarco Greco
      Gianmarco Greco

      @payable on death I LOVED land of the lost!

    • payable on death
      payable on death

      @TauntingBatmanV1 I want to see where Danny Mcbride is now after it ended the way it did😝

    • TauntingBatmanV1

      @payable on death I would like to see another one

    • payable on death
      payable on death

      No no no, we need Land of the Lost II 🤣

  • Grok Effer
    Grok Effer

    My hair looks like an Emu has been nesting in it. I don't need to do anything to it for it to look that way. It's just natural.

    • defective pikachu
      defective pikachu

      the emus just come on their own

  • Smashmilk

    Bungandys pod cast is coming back !!!!

  • Sayak Taladhi
    Sayak Taladhi

    Something tells me that this Ron Burgundy has been a manager at a paper company

  • Bill Morris
    Bill Morris

    Will Ferrel should play Ron Burgundy for 10 years so he can become president and fix the world 🌎

  • Voyager

    I just cant get it off my mind. this guy looks exactly like the guy who plays mugatu from zoolander...

    • Amer K
      Amer K

      He also looks like someone who briefly worked as a manager for a paper company

    • runninginsept

      I know what you mean. He looks exactly like one half of a step brother, and that weird nascar driver too.

    • RANDOM FAMILY Davenport
      RANDOM FAMILY Davenport

      Maybe he has a brother

    • Tomer ohana ben tzvi
      Tomer ohana ben tzvi

      Nah i don't see it

  • Berger James
    Berger James

    Take Care Everyone in these Tough Times.We'll pass this too.😊

  • Hafdis Brynja
    Hafdis Brynja

    Ron burgundy is my favorite Will Ferrell character besides Buddy from Elf of course😁

    • Andy Cutright
      Andy Cutright

      Everything Must Go

    • Jasper Levien
      Jasper Levien

      Oh yeah!!!

    • Hafdis Brynja
      Hafdis Brynja

      @Globby aka Weird Jelly Guy that moment was a good one Will Ferrell is 😆

    • Globby aka Weird Jelly Guy
      Globby aka Weird Jelly Guy

      I always laugh when Will stabs his leg as Ricky Bobby.🤣🤣

    • Hafdis Brynja
      Hafdis Brynja

      @Ottee2 bring on the cowbells

  • oprocid1

    Milk was a bad idea

    • Wickerbasket



    Looks like will Ferrell 🤔


      @Nathanael Tan it’s a legitimate joke

    • Nathanael Tan
      Nathanael Tan

      Is this a legitimate comment?



  • B S
    B S

    Ron Burgundy should meet Will Ferrell. They’d make great friends.

    • Nathanael Tan
      Nathanael Tan

      I call "B S"

  • oprocid1

    Funny as always

    • Island Vibes
      Island Vibes

      @Bud_Heavy very good reply bud heavy

    • Bud_Heavy

      Very good comment, oprocid1.