Sarah Silverman Full Interview - CONAN on TBS

  • Friggin Irish
    Friggin Irish

    Ages like a fine wine, this one

  • [0]

    very desirable

  • treefiddytwo

    i'll always love this woman, she's fantastic!

  • Tony Delgado
    Tony Delgado

    Yeah absolutely. People need to take the high road. Being good is much harder than being bad. Speaking about longevity here Bad is too depleting.

  • Secular Progressive Liberal Humanist
    Secular Progressive Liberal Humanist

    Conan, Not a single human on Earth is funnier than you. A human somewhere else, well, not sure. Wow, probably, but not sure.

  • Secular Progressive Liberal Humanist
    Secular Progressive Liberal Humanist


  • Secular Progressive Liberal Humanist
    Secular Progressive Liberal Humanist

    Sarah Silverman is the boss

  • Secular Progressive Liberal Humanist
    Secular Progressive Liberal Humanist

    Damn, three layers!! TBS is cold!

  • Kristin Louise Raught
    Kristin Louise Raught

    She knows how to transmute energy. She's awesome.


    Her eye-job is better than Seth McFarland's but a wee bit asymmetrical.

    • treefiddytwo

      eye-job? y'all skull fkn people's eye sockets now?

    • Lady Lovely Lox & Bagels
      Lady Lovely Lox & Bagels

      I was wondering about that. It’s her prerogative of course but I liked the natural look of her eyes. I think the word done ages her more than she would otherwise.

  • John Roff
    John Roff

    Bizarre and sad to watch, a person progressing toward oddness

  • John Roff
    John Roff

    Conan can't even pretend to be amused, poor guy.

  • John Roff
    John Roff

    Jesus, what a boring story. poor Conan.

  • Mark Mayer
    Mark Mayer

    Republitards like "I'd punch them in the face if they tried to buy me weed!"

    • John Roff
      John Roff

      people caught up in bipartisan political ideas of character need a punch in the face, but you already knew that Marky Mark

  • Mario E.
    Mario E.

    14:28 - That's EXACTLY Lorraine from MADtv...

  • Nina Piyasheva
    Nina Piyasheva


  • Damien

    The amount of gender neutral effort here gave me diarrhea. The mind-ass connection is there!

  • James Reck
    James Reck

    She lost me when she showed herself to be a hypocrite, racist and shill.

  • BIG GUY!
    BIG GUY!

    all I hear is venelope😂NO WAY SHE'S 50🤯

  • Elizabeth Trainer
    Elizabeth Trainer

    Sarah Silverman is our new gold standard for being human.

  • Qwerty U
    Qwerty U

    Sarah getting verklempt 😲

  • A. Cláudia Silva
    A. Cláudia Silva

    So this was filmed in December, since Conan said she just celebrated her bday recently.

    • Matheus

      damn... 🤯 this is kinda disappointing

  • Joe Magnus
    Joe Magnus

    Sarah Silverman, Alchemist of energy

  • Lynda Lee
    Lynda Lee

    The terrific paste geometrically pat because offer seasonally hammer than a crazy pentagon. illustrious, uncovered pan

  • Spooky Da Scary
    Spooky Da Scary

    It is true. Vibes (energy) transfers from one person to another. Be mindful because it goes along way.

  • Steve Crow
    Steve Crow

    Sarah Silverman. Wonderful.

  • Sperg Lord Andy
    Sperg Lord Andy

    Sarah Silverman can go... whatever herself.... who cares?

  • Zach S
    Zach S

    Jesus Christ another comedian podcast 🙄

  • Zachary King
    Zachary King

    I love Sarah

  • mxhondaxm

    Plus entertainment where many are brainless, we cultivated the lost art of study and I brought a buddy

  • Melissa Eaton
    Melissa Eaton

    i like her, but i didn't enjoy her podcast.. i tried cause she's NH alumni..

  • Jose Rojas
    Jose Rojas

    My new motto, turn negative energy into positive energy.

    • John Roff
      John Roff

      You need to get that energy reader changer!

  • a person
    a person

    She's the hottest 50-year-old woman I've ever seen

    • John Roff
      John Roff

      Is she? wow that's cool dude.

  • Omar Faruk
    Omar Faruk

    50! wtf

  • Jonny DIY
    Jonny DIY

    Sarah Silverfox 🐺💕

  • Pedrosa Resarces
    Pedrosa Resarces

    i would love to see Norm and special guest David Letterman

  • Mr25thfret

    Sarah - the phone pic joke was ALL YOU. Hilarious!!! Lol

  • Sandrine Ira
    Sandrine Ira

    My emotions ! Lovely bitter sweet interview !

  • Don Cruz
    Don Cruz


  • Lisa S
    Lisa S

    This is so genuine. xo

  • R&ALL

    6:24 truth

  • G D
    G D

    The power of Sarah, Positivity, and Cannabis. Sarah Silverman is a Legend!

  • Anthony Gutierrez
    Anthony Gutierrez

    wow, she looks amazing for a 50 y/o

  • PS G
    PS G

    Once i was sure its gonna be fight and i was lucky enough to accumulate some gas and turned my back started farting and it worked he backed away

  • PS G
    PS G

    Bring nikki

  • Jens Pyck
    Jens Pyck

    If he's really having all his best guests on during these last few weeks, then I can't wait for the Jeff Goldblum and Norm MacDonald interviews :)


    Is this my dog transformed into a human ? THATS MY DOG NAME CONAN SOMEONE STOLE CONAN FROM ME WHO EVER DID IT WHY?


    Is this my dog transformed into a human ? THATS MY DOG NAME CONAN SOMEONE STOLE CONAN FROM ME WHO EVER DID IT WHY?



  • Chris Kennedy Guitars
    Chris Kennedy Guitars

    The anticipation of a dark or dirty joke is giving me severe anxiety.

  • sali

    If the story she is telling is true and not something in her head (that she made up as she was high on weed) then she is amazing.

  • Slav 30
    Slav 30

    I don't really know too much about Sarah Silverman, but I like her after this interview.

  • YouTuberUK

    If she wants socks...?????..... I'm a dad with two daughters so I can give her about 200 pairs...????

  • Scott

    The Gary Shandling skit they were talking about if you want to see it.

    • Misael Hilario
      Misael Hilario


  • mahima venugopal
    mahima venugopal

    Conan, is Aubrey Plaza not gonna be invited. :(

  • ghostshipone

    I commend her for doing well over there. I don’t find her funny at all.. but she’s done so well.. good work. Matrix at work 💪👀👍

  • ghostshipone

    An Irishman and Jew walk into a TV studio

  • Stridsvagn 103
    Stridsvagn 103

    guys in the production, can you enhance the audio?

  • Sara Tadesse
    Sara Tadesse

    man being a Conan fan just gives and gives and gives 💗💗💗

  • Sara Tadesse
    Sara Tadesse

    awe that throwback pic is very cute

  • bidmcms3

    1:30 never heard of e=mc2 ?

  • Cucumamacacapipi

    0:25 Kagome!

  • Darren Benson
    Darren Benson

    Going to miss these guys.

  • verdean613

    Ok but where is Norm Macdonald?

  • emeraldgarden

    Sarah is such a genuine and heartwarming person, and you can tell Conan loves her like a dear friend. This was great to watch.

  • EJ Stark
    EJ Stark

    I don't give a single solitary F. If Conan has you on for one of his last few shows, I am a fan of yours even if I'm not a fan of yours. It's like comedy family.

  • No One
    No One

    Sarah seems really subdued here. And she kept trying to use politically correct terms. It just felt very awkward and off.

    • No One
      No One

      That's kind of sweet. She did seem a bit emotional at the end when Conan was trying to compliment her. I wish we had an idea of what the HBO Max show will be like. And of course he will always be doing podcasts and stuff.

    • Singe Sabre
      Singe Sabre

      She seems really sad to me, afterwards she posted about how this was her last time being on his show although he keeps saying he will have a weekly show still.

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster

    She was once charming and funny.

    • Michael Armstrong
      Michael Armstrong

      Unlike Burr, who was never either of those things.

  • Slick Game
    Slick Game

    Talk about hairless her hairline is receding.

  • Dr. Don Keedic
    Dr. Don Keedic

    Sarah Silverman has great cans. Hi, Sarah. Miss you, kid!

  • APisceanSlant

    So good!

  • Real Creature
    Real Creature

    Sarah Silverman is my heroin.

  • Robert Maeurer
    Robert Maeurer

    I just want to hug Sarah for just being a super great human. She's like bugs bunny kissing everybody to get the gun off him.


    Your last guest should be NORM god dammit. Grow a pair, Coco!

  • ericka marra
    ericka marra

    This was so goooooood!💜💜💜😂😂🤣🤣

  • Ernie

    The brilliant Sarah Silverman, great comedian and actress. She's cool and I'm glad Conan and Andy showed her much love. Team Coco!!

    • John Roff
      John Roff

      You should listen to the interview haha

  • Victor Arroyo
    Victor Arroyo

    Sarah is by far the better looking granny of the two

  • Daimion Hollins
    Daimion Hollins

    😲 - Wow! 50 Immortality found!!

  • cullerzification

    You literally wasted your last interviews on her? Also is the inability for her to move any facial muscles a gag?

  • Skinny Buddha
    Skinny Buddha

    Sarah is so damn fine and so damn funny. I really appreciate how she's still really immature, but as she's aged it's become a more mature immature.

    • Skinny Buddha
      Skinny Buddha

      @John Roff fine! I'm really fat, is that what you want to hear! Also, I think Fred Armisen is getting played because Natasha Lyone has always played a lesbian, and is VERY obviously a lesbian. Like, not even debatable that girl loves puss!

    • John Roff
      John Roff

      @Skinny Buddha Not even Buddha himherself could bring those thoughts into the world. Don't down yourself Skinny!

    • Skinny Buddha
      Skinny Buddha

      @John Roff cause you're not Buddha

    • John Roff
      John Roff

      That's so deep skinny, why can't I think of these things man?

  • Nate Cherek
    Nate Cherek

    P.O.S... Woke Trash, sell-out.

  • Onward & Upward
    Onward & Upward

    Michael Sheen wasted his time with this thing.

  • A Savage
    A Savage

    Being nice sure keeps you young.

  • Mr Boggers
    Mr Boggers

    Guess what my new screen saver is 👌🔥💯 It's Sarah's butt!

  • Dolan Wargin
    Dolan Wargin

    Anyone else know her first as the bitchy girlfriend from “School of Rock”

    • applemaggot

      I probably 1st noticed her on Mr. Show with Bob and David. That might be where she met Jack Black.

  • Melly Mel
    Melly Mel

    So good!

  • koba ape
    koba ape

    Just say meter maid dummy

  • koba ape
    koba ape

    She totally hit his car lmao

  • koba ape
    koba ape

    ***matter cannot be created or destroyed

  • Jeff Holbrook
    Jeff Holbrook

    Love all three of you guys !

  • Betty

    i thought she said meat, the kind that gives your whole body high? ...barbecue? ...brisket? oh! indica! weed! not meat... *facepalm*

  • Jarrett Øath
    Jarrett Øath

    Conan please get Louie back on before your show ends. He’s done his time.

  • Jim Heeren
    Jim Heeren

    I’ve dated 30 year olds who look older then Sarah. This woman simply doesn’t age

  • Gary Turbo
    Gary Turbo

    I totally let Sarah Silverman fart on my face 😘😘😘

  • Goji

    Waiting for Norm

    • Steve

      Not enough time for moth joke.........

    • R O
      R O

      Never gonna happen, sadly

    • Steve

      Or Triumph

  • Joe Bluhm
    Joe Bluhm

    Conan is about to be the ultimate TOM SNYDER. Perfection.

  • Koral Davis
    Koral Davis

    She's such a big child

  • B Wolfe
    B Wolfe

    Made it like a minute into this holy cow she’s annoying

  • Steve

    I can't believe Triumph isn't the last guest!

    • Jonelle85

      He might still be lol

  • Dewoy1

    Is this show about to end for good?`Like as in no more new content?

    • Dewoy1

      @JoelMatton Oh no. :/

    • JoelMatton

      He's going to start doing a weekly show for HBO instead