Sarah Silverman Bought Weed For An Angry Stranger - CONAN on TBS
Moral of the story? If we all went around offering each other weed, the world would be a much better place.

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  • vipul singh
    vipul singh

    Haha i found and ERROR! Its not meter reader Conan. it's parking enforcement officer.

  • Annette Guarrasi
    Annette Guarrasi

    This woman is a fully present change-maker unicorn. I've always enjoyed her comedy. Now I also enjoy her energy.

  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat

    Lol...did not expect that ending form Conan XD XD

  • M Tippy
    M Tippy

    Not crying...I'm just smiling and it's dusty out here.

  • YouKnow Who
    YouKnow Who

    Yeah, she got this rare talent of unique sense of humor just like Conan. Little dirty but ingenous . Perfect Balance. I like that Very Good 👍

  • 7ctony

    Drives me nuts one state is legal then the next state you’re getting arrested for it . Just legalize the whole country already.

  • Captain Crozier
    Captain Crozier

    Yea but we need water to have weed so let's figure that out. Also I enjoyed this story Sass Lass Silverman

  • Robert Rogers
    Robert Rogers

    That's all we ever needed, I love Conan.



  • Dennis Bunik
    Dennis Bunik

    Not all heroes wear capes...I used to be homeless, I always run into some hobos on my way back home from the pot shop, I always give someone a doob, but I do remember once Conan had a cannabis expert on his show and Conan was acting like the one nerd in high school trying to buy his first dime bag, he was so weirded out lol

  • Gary Thurman
    Gary Thurman

    Sarah Silverman for President.

  • Yago Coca
    Yago Coca

    And the moral of the fable is "all you need is weed".

  • SykosymatiK

    A friend with weed is a friend indeed.

  • Rebecca Camp
    Rebecca Camp

    God Bless Sarah Silverman.

  • youngjuju

    *A bag of weed, a bag of weed, everythingisbetterwithabagofweed*

  • Kathy Semrau
    Kathy Semrau

    Well some people have soft spot for people who actually help them. Very few people can be the same person with everyone. Nice to see you on stage with Ms. Silverman. Stay safe.

  • Elvis Okić
    Elvis Okić


  • Bryan Lane
    Bryan Lane

    She's a gem

  • Sarah Duffield
    Sarah Duffield

    ok, i'm going to be an almost vegan for planty, except i still want to eat cows and lambies and sheeps, and sometimes fish, cause i'm anemic. and duck eggs also. the rest can all be veggies and plants and whatever. this is how i vegan. Oh ANEMIA! Page and me got bruisy bruisy! hhahahahaah, page has my boy face hahahahaha

    • SykosymatiK

      I work with anemics. All you need is chicken, fish, rice, greens, beans, lentils, and an occasional portion of berries.

  • Sarah Duffield
    Sarah Duffield

    ok, am i getting momnapped now? I've never been on a plane, i'm going to be like......strangling around roberts neck for dear life! agggghhhhhhh PHOBIAS!!!!! CG5, tim minchin and decemberests got some of my brains....hahahahaha, but I'm the ONLY GIRL! ahahahahahahahahah call me satan, the devil's daughter....nope. that's not my name. I LIED!!!!!! I stole my ideas, hahahaahaha

  • Geo Sam
    Geo Sam

    I could use some weed.

  • Tyler Lopes
    Tyler Lopes

    Should’ve had her on with Bill Burr, Sarah loves him.

    • Brian Wright
      Brian Wright


  • MzAbbyxz

    2 of my favorite people together...i say a lot in Conan videos, guess he just invites nice guests lol

  • Sarah Duffield
    Sarah Duffield

    diggy dardust. hahahahaaha

  • Sarah Duffield
    Sarah Duffield

    my body belongs to robert plant. ok????????? abduct me, you inbreds!!!!!!

  • Davett53

    At my last job,...a retail gig,....I let a couple of my regular customers, pay me in weed. They were flat broke,....but were flush with weed. A couple of buds, and everything worked out perfectly.

  • royal decree for the church of muskology
    royal decree for the church of muskology

    When someone rages at me I make pouty lips and blow them a kiss then drive off 😂

  • royal decree for the church of muskology
    royal decree for the church of muskology

    Go Connect with norm Macdonald 😂

  • Talkies

    I didn’t realize this was gonna be a life masterclass 😳

    • SykosymatiK

      @mike I like how you manage to shamelessly pander and completely discredit the same concept in the same sentence. Well done.

    • mike

      I mean I like her but she doesn't know what she's talking about. She applied a (likely) true physics theory to a definition of "energy" that is new aged bullshit. I mean, I like the vibes from the new aged bullshit, but you can't just tie these things together so haphazardly. But she means well.

  • zoperxplex

    If only Sarah brought weed for the Republicans they wouldn't be such dicks.

  • AGrrrr10

    I've experienced it many times throughout my 38 years on this earth....if someone is incredibly angry about anything and then they take a puff of that sweet cheeba, the anger ceases to exist. Marijuana should be legal for adults everywhere.

  • Mike van buren
    Mike van buren

    All about Truth!

  • ITherealMarcomanI

    I am the sativa landrace guy. ;D

  • That dude
    That dude

    Silverman is awesome. She is a truely funny and sweet human being.

    • Gerard Mc Ginnity
      Gerard Mc Ginnity

      But imagine having to listen to that voice every day? That's not fair on ears.

  • Jud Blaker
    Jud Blaker

    i have sum. ill save it for sarah silverman. or was that already a movie? i 4got

  • Hayley Jay
    Hayley Jay

    She’s the real prove that weed destroy all your brain cells

  • Hayley Jay
    Hayley Jay

    Energia can be create haha

  • micheal davidson
    micheal davidson

    Ty for this story its about positive energy not weed. Weed is nice thou...

  • Chris Drzal
    Chris Drzal

    It’s called transduction.

  • stantheman1684

    Nobody knows a Sarah Silverman joke Thats how much of a comedian she is

  • JP M
    JP M

    I just love her. ♥️♥️♥️

  • Jay Cuddy
    Jay Cuddy

    Love Sarah Silverman!!

  • Dylan Isbell
    Dylan Isbell

    Sona's laugh at 1:09. 😙🤌

  • Tyler L
    Tyler L

    i cant unsee her nose

  • juicins

    Sarah you are such a sweetheart and make the world a better place .... especially teamed up with the Cone Man

  • Andrei de Los Santos
    Andrei de Los Santos

    Lovely Sarah

  • Just a statistic
    Just a statistic

    Im a fan.

  • Vincent Priceless
    Vincent Priceless

    That was awesome

  • Elliot Duffy
    Elliot Duffy

    I thought the title said "Strangler"...

    • The Dark Yellow Pages
      The Dark Yellow Pages

      If there's anyone harassing you now, let me talk to them.

  • Anthony B
    Anthony B

    I admire Sara not only as a comedian but as a pseudo-scientist

    • royal decree for the church of muskology
      royal decree for the church of muskology

      @Anthony B that energy can only be converted not created. All of physics will say nothing creates energy only converts it. Power plants, nuclear, solar, wind all convert energy, they do not create.

    • Anthony B
      Anthony B

      The part where "negative energy" is put into you by someone flipping you off on the freeway?

    • Wrenlin Whitelight
      Wrenlin Whitelight

      Nah, that's just legit science I think.

    • royal decree for the church of muskology
      royal decree for the church of muskology

      What she said is true in real science aswell though energy can only be converted not created. 😂

  • Mohamed Farouk
    Mohamed Farouk

    Actually, Conan was kinda sarcastic about giving weed to one another, but obviously, Sara didn't get it.

  • Bruce Abbott
    Bruce Abbott

    That's why it’s called a PEACE pipe! ✌️

  • Dave Manning
    Dave Manning

    Weed Karma. It exists. That's why I'm not greedy with my weed and share when I get the opportunity. Good things always happen.

  • Mahad Lodhi
    Mahad Lodhi

    Why do I feel like I've listened to this story once from sarah before??

  • dogtato

    "non-complimentary behavior", it works

  • MJ

    How funny that the world's best racer got into trouble trying to parallel park...must be a glitch

  • Xploration


  • Michael Kowalczuk
    Michael Kowalczuk

    Sarah Silverman rocks, she's a national treasure.

  • K-A

    This was a beautiful story, why am I teary eyed? 😊

    • K-A

      @crazyloonchooks we can keep trying tho!

    • crazyloonchooks

      Because we all aspire to be like this, but never quite manage it.

  • Joe


  • Richard Martinez
    Richard Martinez

    when someone gives me the finger now I just do the nod/smile like when you recognize a buddy at the grocery store "Hey, sup!"

    • SykosymatiK

      I'm sure it doesn't come off as sarcastic at all...

  • Coastfog

    What a lovely story. We all can learn something from this. I'm just not quite sure what.

    • Playan

      @miloandot You're absolutely right. I'm just being silly and trying to be funny. Guess i failed :-)

    • miloandot

      @Playan Has nothing to do with cannabis. She could have gotten him anything he liked. He just happened to like weed. I personally don't. If I was in that situation with her and she got me a Gatorade I would be happy. It has to do with communication.

    • Playan

      That cannabis brings people together. It unites, something like that.

  • 🌿POPULATION-_-420☁

    Let's take a hit Sarah 🚬

  • aviram spies
    aviram spies

    That's a legit cute story

  • Zep Langston
    Zep Langston

    Ahh yes, lovely Rita meter reader

  • Marlene Mounce
    Marlene Mounce

    World peace. Pass the deustche. So?

  • Trev Logie
    Trev Logie

    Different story totally if it was a liquor store and I'm not talking about the intoxicant.

  • Roscoe Muttley
    Roscoe Muttley

    I love Sarah Silverman!

  • ConSepT Galicia
    ConSepT Galicia

    "Once again, marijuana saves an otherwise disastrous day"

    • Raymond D'Agostino
      Raymond D'Agostino

      ConSep T Galicia I have got to use your quote for the future! That is brilliant 😄👍

    • Travis Clower
      Travis Clower


    • Bamford Steele
      Bamford Steele

      Cannabis is wonderful and brings people together.

    • OVI G
      OVI G


  • name change
    name change

    She is a brilliant comedian, and she is also hairy she can go full frontal in a movie and it's still PG13 😘

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    I get married on the 20th and we've been together for 5 years so we have most house crap we need or want. Yet people still want us to give them ideas for a gift. Like Ms. Silverman here has done, I'd love bud as a gift. It'd be nice to not spend $50/wk myself for several months. Instead I'm always the one supplying others. Sucks.

  • T D
    T D

    Weed: bringing together cultures and socio-economic classes don't you feel better now

  • Pete Cartwright
    Pete Cartwright

    For all the celebrity these two could accumulate, they're still as down to earth as your next-door neighbor. Silverman's real persona is just nice and that must be hard to maintain these days in entertainment. Imagine the guy at the weed shop when he eventually discovered who she really was... He's probably bummed he didn't save some and put it in a jar in his living room with a tape label. "Sara Silverman Weed."

    • MindHunger

      Really? Sara Silverman's career has been about selfishness and greed.

    • Pete Cartwright
      Pete Cartwright would never last. Be gone in hours just like the rest...

  • c soul
    c soul

    Hairy bush 😶

    • matt k
      matt k

      Nothing wrong with a little grass on the field ;)

  • Amir

    Energy cannot be created or destroyed?! Ever heard of relativity? Lol

    • Kathy Semrau
      Kathy Semrau

      My brain hurts. Too much KNOWLEDGE!!!!!!

    • KillingArts

      Conservation of energy is a fact. But she is mixing it with an esoteric view („bad energy“).

    • Nat DaRat
      Nat DaRat

      Energy, in fact, cannot be created or destroyed.

    • Lukas Kongstad
      Lukas Kongstad

      I’ve heard of it, but could you elaborate? My, maybe ill informed, understanding is that there is a finite amount of energy.

    • Electropretzel

      Ever heard of "conservation of energy"? you can't "create" nor "destroy" energy. Energy is converted from something else (same for matter -> energy).

  • Jubling

    All the world needs is a little weed.

  • Grok Effer
    Grok Effer

    The guy sounds like a scammer or meth head, maybe. That's why I don't go to places like that.

  • Syd Gaming
    Syd Gaming

    Lol weed makes everything better. That's my life motto

    • John Micheal Kane
      John Micheal Kane

      Nuclear wars & mass destruction of the world could be stopped if we just used some weed treats between the nations.


    Shes like the Girl from Wreak it Ralph

    • Syd Gaming
      Syd Gaming

      Eh dunno if that's sarcasm. Serah is her voice in the movie


    100 veiws

  • AJ Faruzi
    AJ Faruzi

    She's boring.

    • The Dark Yellow Pages
      The Dark Yellow Pages

      @Travis Clower Thanks to you, actually.

    • Travis Clower
      Travis Clower

      Good lord this is the most boring thread on UZmilk.

    • The Dark Yellow Pages
      The Dark Yellow Pages

      People become boring as they start feeling good about themselves when nobody asked, but there's something to be learned or be reminded from what she said.

    • Travis Clower
      Travis Clower

      I’m sure you’re a barrel of laughs.

  • 여준서


  • Nishith VK
    Nishith VK

    No views? Wow.

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