Ray Romano Doesn't Mind Getting Hit In The Crotch - CONAN on TBS
(Original airdate: 02/19/14) Thanks to the miracle of aging, a groin shot isn't as painful as it once was.

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  • Mohamed Farouk
    Mohamed Farouk

    Hilarious! He should do standups.

  • Mohamed Farouk
    Mohamed Farouk

    It's like punching a curtain now. haha

  • anima099

    Everybody Loves Raymond was only available on cable for me, but I'm glad I took the opportunity to watch it. Same. With King of Queens and even Cheers.

  • himalaya ahuja
    himalaya ahuja

    Curtain O Brien

  • himalaya ahuja
    himalaya ahuja


  • merrivideo

    Pilates is extremely versatile, good for everyone #thereisaidit

  • Efreeto

    I didn't think so when I watched a few episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond, but this guy is really funny! I was laughing hard constantly.

  • Deeson Jame
    Deeson Jame

    And that's a good thing guys.

  • Ron C
    Ron C

    Dr. Ken Jeong should be his friend Because he's a comedian and a REAL doctor.

  • trinity8675309

    Ray is still funny. I loved Everybody Loves Raymond, and I miss seeing Ray on TV. Hope I get to see him pop up in more things, like The Irishman.

  • HonestlyitsFinn

    This is great

  • TigerBloodBeastGaming

    Ball sack slack may not cause pain when punched but has caused many stuck in pant zipper or sitting on slacked sack injuries over the years Be careful my older friends

  • No One
    No One

    I feel like I've heard this joke about making friends with doctors very recently, but I don't remember who it was attributed to.

    • runninginsept

      The whole bit is familiar. I think this was a take from a standup set he did around the time this interview aired. Might have been on Netflix a couple of years ago

  • Jarrett Rinnan
    Jarrett Rinnan

    Yea bc he sucks

  • Kaustubh Poule
    Kaustubh Poule

    What you? Really need ? What you need


    I guess no one loves Raymond big long time anymore...

  • mike smith
    mike smith

    So the drapes match the curtain😎

  • rythmosrythmos

    yeah yeah .. one older joke was good two not so

  • Iron Fan
    Iron Fan

    Saggyballs Ray. Word. "Punchin a curtain". 😂

  • Max

    I love Raymond! A legend

  • Reeves Martinez
    Reeves Martinez

    *Nice video though...buh why is no one here talking about Bitcoin.. now's the best time to buy the dip and it's gonna be a changing for a lot of lives*

    • T- Mac123
      T- Mac123

      This whole comment thread deserves an Oscar

    • Marianne Jerry
      Marianne Jerry

      I will get to him right away!! Hope he replies👌.

    • Irina McCarthy
      Irina McCarthy

      @Daniel Bryan (philipmccarthy121@gmailcom)

    • Melinda moore
      Melinda moore

      I've got 12th winning thanks to Mr Philip McCarthy he's really the best, I've made £16,400 in 18 days working with him

    • Daniel Bryan
      Daniel Bryan

      Wow great info can someone share his email address?

  • Simret Sekhon
    Simret Sekhon

    He really said curtain 😭😂

  • Frans Schreuders
    Frans Schreuders

    Ice Cream when I get elbowed in the tonsils.

  • Fantasmister

    "It's like punching a curtain now." I did a spit-take out of my nose.

    • wolfbeard

      I almost spewed ice-cream across the room lol

  • FatGeekProduction


  • Rik Wraith
    Rik Wraith

    I don't know about getting hit but starting a postal round has taken its toll

  • John Burke
    John Burke

    *Thanks for that horrifying visual...* @1:31

  • Hamed Rahimi
    Hamed Rahimi

    funny as hell

  • Thom Curry
    Thom Curry

    Same here Ray... same here.

  • Kanza

    That curtain joke was hilarious

  • Vinothan Govender
    Vinothan Govender

    Working his material!

  • K.D. Kat
    K.D. Kat

    Dear Ray, I love you.

  • Syd Gaming
    Syd Gaming

    Damn ray never changes does he still looks the dang same

  • drewpamon

    Anyone ever seen Joseph Pilates? Guy was ripped.

  • LongLived Ruby
    LongLived Ruby

    I’ve never seen a more Italian person in my life. I’ve been to Italy.

    • jerr es
      jerr es

      *Southern Italian

  • ekim

    if you didnt watch everybody loves raymond as a kid. you missed out

    • Xploration


  • Michael

    I think Ray Romano will be return in Everybody Loves Raymond as a reunion special.

    • tmb the 1
      tmb the 1

      they denied it ages ago and half the cast is dead

    • Syd Gaming
      Syd Gaming

      Sure why not and we will all love it

  • Michael

    That’s the cast from Everybody Loves Raymond.

  • clinton landreth
    clinton landreth

    Bulls eye oo

  • Matt Maulucci
    Matt Maulucci

    Sack Slack has prevented many horrific injuries

  • Steve B
    Steve B

    Thanks for this, when was this from? Appreciate the video

    • Terminal Bungus
      Terminal Bungus

      The description says 2014 👍

  • Shreyansh Pranshu Chauhan
    Shreyansh Pranshu Chauhan

    Those were really good life lessons

  • Ransford Flentjar
    Ransford Flentjar

    Legend has it Ray Romano is a masochist.

  • Rootfish

    Ray Romano is into CBT



  • Boyet Quilon
    Boyet Quilon