Sarah Silverman Got An E-Bike For Her 50th Birthday - CONAN on TBS
Sarah now regrets giving her friend a t-shirt for his 50th birthday.

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  • N Hoff
    N Hoff

    She is not 50?!? WTH

  • Steven Ahlberg
    Steven Ahlberg

    If all you get from this is her age and what it really is you really need to check yourself

  • Abc Xyz
    Abc Xyz

    She looks great. She looks like in her 30s

  • DuderofDudeness

    it's amazing she has become a genuinely good person from her fkd up childhood and still hilarious

  • Levvy

    being a nice genuine person ages you amazingly

  • Angel X Santana
    Angel X Santana

    Weirdo I think she’s fake n slept her way to where she’s at n it ain’t much because at the end of the day talent counts not funny

  • khanage360

    50 what ????!

  • BarbaOlof

    No surprises in the comment section here. All about her not looking 50. On the other hand, she DO look great!

  • Sir Bonobo
    Sir Bonobo

    all i hear is, like n stuff .... american english since 2010 in a nutshell... like like like, amazing n stuff

  • JP M
    JP M

    Why does she still look 24??? I just turned 50 this year, too, and I’m aging well, but Sarah looks phenomenal!

  • Mauro Tamm
    Mauro Tamm

    I thought the title was a joke. But it's not?

  • Mohamed Farouk
    Mohamed Farouk

    Sometimes, I think Jimmy Kimmel has some feelings for her.

  • SamoScopom

    At first I couldn't believe she is 50. Then I googled her. Now I can't believe that people born in 1970 are 50 y/o.

  • D Rcl
    D Rcl

    She has always sounded 50, but she has a fair few years before she will be looking 50.

  • Amusement Labs
    Amusement Labs

    Damn. She looks 27! 😅 Gotta get that skin care routine from her.

  • mark norris
    mark norris

    i couldn't watch her youtube show because she always seemed stoned , because according to her , she was

  • Corbin Karl
    Corbin Karl

    This woman is 50? Gah daaaayum

  • EunLawon

    No way..she doesn't even look like 35

  • Tommyr


  • anima099


  • Dan Dan
    Dan Dan

    She looks 37 at the most

    • Steven Ahlberg
      Steven Ahlberg

      Who cares how old she looks She's a brilliant mind. With a kick-ass sense of humor

  • Dark Jedi Knight
    Dark Jedi Knight

    She is tied for me with JLO as one of the sexiest 50 year old women alive.

  • Ura Tamra
    Ura Tamra



    Who would believe she is 50 years old

    • chris anthony
      chris anthony

      She is overrated

  • Jeff Benson
    Jeff Benson

    What kind of e-bike? I'm shopping around and looking for recommendations!

  • Eric Babcock
    Eric Babcock

    Hmm over under on how many comments will there be about her age? I wonder why people who are vegan/eat healthy, exercise, and are single with no kids to boot, look so much younger than their age 🤔

    • Rune Soldier
      Rune Soldier

      Vegan isn't healthy unless you properly balance your diet & nutrition which 99.9% of all vegans don't do. If you want to be healthy, most people are better off being vegetarians. Also how someone ages mostly depends on genetics and low amounts of stress/depression.

    • Eric Babcock
      Eric Babcock

      @Spiral Breeze "vegan/eat healthy". Clearly they're not. Oreos and chips are vegan

    • Spiral Breeze
      Spiral Breeze

      Maybe, but the vegan childless people I know don’t look healthy at all. In fact one of them is over 400 pounds, been vegan all her life.

    • Eric Babcock
      Eric Babcock

      @Xploration Whatever makes you sleep better 🙄😅

    • Eric Babcock
      Eric Babcock

      @bigdreams Of course, plenty of factors, these are ones I know of that would most def contribute. Every vegan I see that is healthy about it looks amazing

  • Toni Raff
    Toni Raff

    50? Wtf? Good for her

  • lanethelame

    Pls let me age this well at 50!

  • Xploration

    This woman thinks it’s ok for men who pretend to be women to professionally compete with real women.

    • Xploration

      @Bamford Steele Men are bigger, stronger, faster than women.

    • Bamford Steele
      Bamford Steele

      So what?

  • Brett Deutsch
    Brett Deutsch

    I'm 30 and if someone were to tell me she's in my age range I'd believe it.

    • John Micheal Kane
      John Micheal Kane

      They remain the same until 67 & 1/2 then….. Continue to remain the same.


    Damn Sarah Sliverman is 50 years old I'm a shock she doesn't look 50

    • Lou Spowells
      Lou Spowells

      Google a picture of her from the 1990's...she's barely changed.

  • Jep Time
    Jep Time

    My god, she's 50.

  • Xploration


    • Bailey O'Brien
      Bailey O'Brien


  • D

    You guys need a crowd laughing button. Seriously.

    • John C J
      John C J

      They need the cricket noise button used when Conan was on Between Two Ferns.

  • Mrbeast Old Videos
    Mrbeast Old Videos


    • Bamford Steele
      Bamford Steele

      What if the person reading this is a serial killer or a serial rapist? Would wishing them success in life make them a better serial killer or possibly a better serial rapist? I mean from their perspective that probably would be success in life.

  • sago por
    sago por


  • Mrbeast Old Videos
    Mrbeast Old Videos

    Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed Amen

    • ljungan96

      Please let the devil devour this human soul and give bad luck to everyone reading this comment

    • Bamford Steele
      Bamford Steele

      No thanks. I don't need anything from your imaginary sky friend.

  • Indraneel Khasnobis
    Indraneel Khasnobis

    Big fan of Conan from India! Best of luck with new HBO max format.

    • user5315qwerty

      Same 😁 team india 👍🏽