Mel Brooks Remembers Joan Rivers - CONAN on TBS
(Original airdate: 09/08/14) Mel recalls Joan's comedic bravery -- and that time he hosted her talk show in drag.

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  • Frank Dux
    Frank Dux

    Mel looks likes Streisand in the dress with the voice of Bea Arthur.


    Society today needs Joan more than ever. Everyone is so stupid. She has so much material.

  • Kevin Rytter
    Kevin Rytter

    Hol Up!! Brooks has 6 fingers on his left hand??!!

  • Robert Huppert
    Robert Huppert

    Mel is an absolute legend!! And not caving into the woke B.S.!! 😎

  • Polly Goat-Nutz
    Polly Goat-Nutz

    Every time I see Mel he cracks me up,...even if he says ....."nuttin"....!

  • Ian beale
    Ian beale

    My favourite Mel

  • KEN5423

    Who cares...........blah

  • Adam Burgess
    Adam Burgess

    1:56 he slips on the sixth finger

  • SebastianSux

    This is so sweet... old man brooks.

  • os4mmot

    If you notice, he has a fake sixth finger in this interview XD Just to confuse the audience (me). Hilarious

  • Ric Choder
    Ric Choder

    Its a shame we can't have that type of comedy any more and I understand why but sometimes I have to throw on an old flick to have a really good laugh

  • Jacob Harvill
    Jacob Harvill


  • Jacob Harvill
    Jacob Harvill

    i can

  • Chris Loving
    Chris Loving

    This is the king of comedy! Hats of for you Mel, I have grown with your movies and I cant say how many times I have seened all you films..

  • Jessy Julie
    Jessy Julie

    Joan rivers deserves more respect!!

  • Saurabh Sharma
    Saurabh Sharma

    May the Schwartz be with you!

  • Rob Star
    Rob Star

    Remember when Joan Rivers called Michelle Obama a tranny? It was the last thing I heard about her before she died.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Mel Brooks has six fingers on his left hand! Never noticed that before. Cool.

  • sean h
    sean h

    he does her voice so well

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    Mel brooks has 6 fingers on his left hand

  • Izom

    im happy this legend is still alive!

  • Bob bobson
    Bob bobson

    Christ on a pony Mel he asked for one quality

  • Penny S
    Penny S

    Sorry… is no one else distracted by the SIX FINGERS ON HIS LEFT HAND!?!?!


    6 FINGERS !?

  • Jerry Brandenberger
    Jerry Brandenberger

    NBC should have let Joan Rivers be the tonight show host, she deserved it.

  • steve conn
    steve conn

    My mom and I were boarding a flight to Vegas with Joan and my mom's weird black dripping makeup (you can see a pic on my channel) rendered her speechless. That was a funny moment.

  • jujitsujew23

    Long live the king! *It's good to be the king ;)

  • Workin Alday
    Workin Alday

    Brooks looks like a mix between Barbara Streisand and Bette Midler just with blonde hair.

  • Allagí

    Conan commonly uploads videos about celebrities on their birthdays. June 8th was Joan Rivers' birthday.

  • Ryan McNeill
    Ryan McNeill

    Mel Brooks knew to not be down in the dumps over someone passing and the best way to grieve is laughter

  • Silversurfer

    When he was dressed up as Joan, he looked like Bette Midler!

  • skaman125

    That look of horror Conan shot when Brooks pulls out the comb.

  • Pitman Thor
    Pitman Thor

    Mel Brooks the six fingered bandit!

  • Angelo Grosso
    Angelo Grosso

    Mel Brooks' face should be on our money

  • Alex Pollock
    Alex Pollock

    Hopefully this is a sign that Mel will be on the show soon

    • Nicky D
      Nicky D

      if he’s the special guest, i’ll be over the moon. i regularly watch his episode of serious jibber jabber and i laugh hysterically every time

  • Freeden

    Mel better not go anywhere. He has to live forever.

  • Infomat23

    Yes, very brave. We know what she said before she "died".

  • MMAoracle

    They look exactly the same

  • Db DB
    Db DB

    Mel Brooks have 6 fingers?

  • D M
    D M


  • Doug Rosengard
    Doug Rosengard

    Wow, I just noticed that Mel Brooks has six fingers on his left hand. Interesting!

    • os4mmot

      He fooled you XD

    • Daniel Ajo
      Daniel Ajo

      It's a prosthetic

  • Turnip Juice
    Turnip Juice

    I loved that movie Young Frankenstein, scared the hell outta me!

  • gunchap

    he has 6 fingers

  • smellycat249

    This is not Mel brooks. Notice the face is different

    • sean h
      sean h

      notice your face is different

  • wally1979

    6 fingers.. then 5 fingers wtf???

  • Steve Shaha
    Steve Shaha

    Mel Brooks is an American treasure. I will be sad when he passes on, but grateful for his hilarious, and refreshingly not politically correct, body of work.

  • Jose De La Rosa
    Jose De La Rosa

    This dude made my childhood full of laughter ... Love you Mr Brooks 👍🏼

  • Emma-Marie Lee
    Emma-Marie Lee

    I was today years old when I noticed Mel Brooks was the 6 finger man.

    • Dave Gould
      Dave Gould

      @Omega47 I was going to say, in the old clip he has normal digits. In the interview with Conan, deffo not normal. Classic Mel.

    • soulerflare7

      You look incredible . I just subscribed .

    • Omega47

      It's fake. He does it as a joke to troll people. He first used it when getting his hand prints in Hollywood in front of the Chinese theater. Look at his other interviews, normal hand.

    • dirtydan

      Holy shit...I thought I was drunk! I had to pause and count the fingers 3 times beforing heading to the comments

    • tornoutlaw


  • Madison Waycaster
    Madison Waycaster

    God love Mel Brooks he's so wonderful

  • Tommyr

    Mel is a National treasure. A true GENIUS.

  • smarter person
    smarter person


  • GalvanInk

    I read the title as "Conan Remembers Mel Brooks" and I screamed

    • Matt Ford
      Matt Ford

      Well this was like 6 years ago and he's in pretty tough

  • kryten09

    Mel Brooks is old... But he didn't get "old". And people in the comments noticing his hand 😆

  • Reuel Cazaubon
    Reuel Cazaubon

    For me it was 'history of the world'

  • Angel X Santana
    Angel X Santana

    I have Much respect to the OG of comedy Mel brooks I like space balls funny jokes in it 😂.

  • TheConrad1989

    Is it only me or has he got 11 fingers?

    • King of Rivia
      King of Rivia

      Its a joke cause he got his star on the walk of fame before/after this


    They look a bit alike in the thumbnail.

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy

    Mel brooks doing his Illuminati , humiliation Ritual

  • Yupitbelikethat100foreverLOL

    Y wud they choose that pic to remember her by smh I have no idea who det iz

  • Yupitbelikethat100foreverLOL

    Woahhh that person in the thumbnail was Joan before plastic surgery??? Wow no way

  • TheNaturalPatHarris

    Mel Brooks is a god of comedy

  • Jessica Zane
    Jessica Zane

    Joan Rivers would never make it today because you all know the people are so sensitive in such a whiny cry babies when it comes to anything that even slightly offensive buddy. It's like people take everything out of context just so they can cry and be victims or something.

    • R O
      R O

      Remember what she said right before she passed away? 👀

    • K Batti
      K Batti

      Lol when Joan was pregnant with Melissa she wasnt allowed to say the word "pregnant". It was deemed too risque. We freaked out about Elvis's hips, we steamrolled Beatles albums, we thought D&D and pokemon were going to summon the devil. People aren't much different than they were years ago. We just have social media now.

    • Kyle Scheffler
      Kyle Scheffler

      @abcded they love to project, don't they?

    • abcded

      Sounds like you are the only ones crying

    • Andreas Royoi
      Andreas Royoi

      Yes, I agree. Many people today are crybabies. 50 years ago people could joke about so many things.

  • sdsd68915

    wtf he has 6 fingers on his left hand

    • Neal G
      Neal G

      @Sascha Sebastian that is pretty funny.

    • Sascha Sebastian
      Sascha Sebastian

      It was a joke, because he got his star on the walk of fame before or after this and thought, it would be funny 😁

  • Frans Schreuders
    Frans Schreuders

    Sorry to hear about Joan Rivers... 10 years later.

  • A

    it looks like they superimposed a young Mel's face on her in the thumbnail

    • doug12345doug


  • Csumbi

    Mel Brooks, what a legend, Spaceballs and Men in thights will always be among my favorite movies :D

    • Boot Shrew
      Boot Shrew

      @C Z Wow, I didn't know that was Mel Brooks!

    • C Z
      C Z

      Don't forget the TV series Get Smart too

    • Boot Shrew
      Boot Shrew

      Spaceballs: The Flamethrower! Kids really love 'em! Don't forget The Producers, it was an amazing show.

    • TheRican

      @Neal G must be tights for thick thighs. Thights

    • Neal G
      Neal G

      @TheRican I don’t know but I’ve found a new favourite word

  • Kevboard Arts
    Kevboard Arts

    every time team coco posts a video of an older celebrity people think they died... I literally went straight to Twitter to look for some posts... nothing... is the news still so fresh that it didn't reach twitter yet? is this just a random clip randomly uploaded? I NEED ANSWERS

    • abcded

      This was way back in 2014

  • arrosive

    Whenever they upload clips with old celebrities, I have to immediately Google them to make sure nothing happened.

    • Dave Pollison
      Dave Pollison

      Me too, in this case I was like "wait, was it carl reiner or mel brooks who died last year?"

    • Wind Roos
      Wind Roos


    • Despite COVID
      Despite COVID

      Same 😂 Mel Brooks Google search in the past 24 hours 📈📈📈

    • Paul Starr
      Paul Starr

      Same 😂😂

    • Sohrab Sabahi
      Sohrab Sabahi


  • Luke Calladine
    Luke Calladine

    This guy is still kicking you know

    • Itz_Reina

      He promised us 1 more film and I can't wait!

    • Allagí

      Conan commonly uploads videos about celebrities on their birthdays. June 8th was Joan Rivers' birthday.

    • Paul Mega
      Paul Mega

      Phew... Our showbiz is safe! for now..

  • Obnoxiously Charming
    Obnoxiously Charming

    I clicked because I thought this was al bundy. Who the heck is Mel brooks

    • Obnoxiously Charming
      Obnoxiously Charming

      @Devil'sAdvocate idk you but its a bad start to look so dumb out the gate. To get to where you are you'd have to be so oblivious, so dense you couldnt notice the fact that it's everyone else who's salty because I don't know who this old man is. You'd have to not notice how jovial my tone is. And you'd have to not notice the fact I've never seen blazin saddles which is the whole point of the thread.... If you want people to think you're an absolute moron who can't grasp the basics. You nailed it. You got the black thing right though. So good on you. I mean it's my pfp but you seem like you need all the points you can get. Little more advice. The more lol's the lamer the joke and the sadder the man. Try to go for lol not lololol you kind of expose yourself

    • Devil'sAdvocate

      @Pitman Thor he's black and angry about Blazing Saddles lololol.

    • Pitman Thor
      Pitman Thor

      @Obnoxiously Charming no queens here. It's not. And yes? Are u like 12. These comments would make more sense.

    • Obnoxiously Charming
      Obnoxiously Charming

      @Pitman Thor because the world is much bigger than your experiences and it's very easy to not know the space balls guy because of all the comedic art there is to enjoy. Any more questions? Please do not forget to pick up your bunched up panties before leaving the drama queen corner

    • Pitman Thor
      Pitman Thor

      Why is this a question?

  • F. N. Lorter
    F. N. Lorter

    Rest In Peace Mel.

    • Rodtropia

      He ain't dead yet

  • Mrbeast Old Videos
    Mrbeast Old Videos

    Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy and financially blessed Amenn

    • The Fury
      The Fury

      I’m sure that will work! So do I sue you or god because I’m unsafe, unwell and financially unstable? So you saying we should mess with gods plan? What if god decided the person reading this needed to get cancer today? Enjoy praying to your homophobic dictator but leave me out of it!

    • Rodtropia

      Thanks Mr. Beast give me car

    • abcded


    • J B
      J B

      Well I killed 6 people, cheers heavenly father 👍

    • Obnoxiously Charming
      Obnoxiously Charming

      I'm not making a joke when I say when I read this weird little cult prayer I literally said out loud while rolling my eyes "Jesus christ....."