Don Cheadle On Working With LeBron James - CONAN on TBS
Don can’t say much about "Space Jam: A New Legacy," but he can talk about LeBron’s strict eating schedule on set.

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  • Gabe Aguilar
    Gabe Aguilar

    Yenno when you think abt it that doesn’t seem like such a “diva” thing to do especially if ur a professional athlete and you’r body is essentially what pays the bills.


    Lebron is a narcissistic hack that loves to bootlick China.

  • forbidden fruit Delfin
    forbidden fruit Delfin

    King needs to eat!!

  • Chad Muse
    Chad Muse

    Oh, the money that movie is going to lose!

    • Mike Ock
      Mike Ock

      @peanutjelly cuz the kings massive appetite 😂

    • peanutjelly


  • steve conn
    steve conn

    Lebron strikes one as intelligent from his interviews and witty in movies like Trainwreck. At least he didnt have gambling debts that got his father killed a la MJ.

    • DR UBAJA Spell Caster
      DR UBAJA Spell Caster

      Thanks for the comment and like,

    • Esteban Arriaga
      Esteban Arriaga

      You can't just say that last sentence as if it was a fact. There is no evidence for this stupid conspiracy theory.

    • V

      What a randomly malicious dig on MJ who’s completely irrelevant to analyzing Lebron’s life off the court.

    • Austin Richardson
      Austin Richardson

      I love the first part, not so much the second part

    • IraHayesIraHayes

      this gets the stupidest comment of the decade award

  • Zuriel Renovamen
    Zuriel Renovamen

    This is gold and would age so well in years to come

  • Donald Wilson
    Donald Wilson

    Would he quit on set too?

    • DR UBAJA Spell Caster
      DR UBAJA Spell Caster

      Thanks for the love and comment likes.

  • FightingTheFight

    Don Cheadle: Are you hungry now? Me at 3am: I... Conan: Not really. Me:...

  • RiSKeY !
    RiSKeY !

    Lechina🇨🇳‼️ Pass

  • Gary Turbo
    Gary Turbo

    Chris Paul overthrew him

    • bon2yan88


  • Dwight Morgan
    Dwight Morgan

    Are you hungry now

  • Zee Plane
    Zee Plane

    Crybaby and far-left activist, LeBron, was just voted the most hated man in the NBA - timely.

    • Don't worry 'bout it
      Don't worry 'bout it

      I didn't get to vote. Where is the poll located?

    • Ofay Hussein
      Ofay Hussein

      @Marc J I enjoyed reading it. I also enjoyed your salty reply.

    • V

      @Marc J That made me feel good, reading it. It’s nice to see valid opinions of hyper revered people that don’t fit in the echo chamber of mainstream media.

    • Marc J
      Marc J

      Did you feel good, typing that out