Conan Shares His Take On "Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis" - "Good Game Nice Try"
We partnered with SEGA to get Conan, Sona, and Gourley's take on the long-awaited online action RPG game, "Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis," available June 9th.

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  • Brendan B
    Brendan B

    " I thought that we were all gonna play some board game together. " Tabletop Simulator:

  • Just relax. Everything ́s fine!
    Just relax. Everything ́s fine!

    Sorry...what´s the title again?

  • Orlando Rincón
    Orlando Rincón

    they should play among us

  • pauldzim

    If a game doesn't have a yellow guy eating dots and running away from ghosts, it's not really a game

  • Loku

    Conan is just dead for most of the vid lol I can't blame him

  • Liam Wetherell
    Liam Wetherell

    This is the weirdest combination of things i never thought I'd see Conan talk about phantasy star online

    • Bot 8.1
      Bot 8.1

      Are you aware of the existance of Conan's "Clueness Gamer" ?

  • Luke Lopez
    Luke Lopez

    video games? resubbed.

  • Clutchyfinger

    8:38 Netflix Anime Division: Start animating it Animators- That's not even a complete conc START ANIMATING

  • ChemicalTen

    This is God tier

  • Jeremiah

    Hahahahaha you had me at Cross-Platform : (colon) RPG

  • Blu Gill
    Blu Gill

    well he need to try ff14 now

  • Magenta Lizard
    Magenta Lizard

    Conan plays video games?

  • Bisquick

    This is the only type of ad that doesn't immediately add calcium deposits directly into my brain.

  • Jamie A2Z83
    Jamie A2Z83

    this gamer seems a little clueless

  • Andrew Hogan
    Andrew Hogan

    2 Sona’s, brain malfunction

  • Dillon Higham
    Dillon Higham

    Conan should love this game, right up his alley.

  • VideoGameStupid LC
    VideoGameStupid LC

    2:53 *Me remembering that in PSO1 they were literally just called "Saber" back then* . Dancing on a fine line there, Sega. The Lawyer Line.

  • Umbrella Corp Security
    Umbrella Corp Security

    Something fresh over " Generic medieval fantasy MMO #4564 "

  • HeavyMetalLink05

    No one told him we just called it NGS? Lol

  • PeeJay Carreon
    PeeJay Carreon

    4:24 same

  • Retro Demos
    Retro Demos

    Sonya and Sona are hotties

  • AFNAN Studio
    AFNAN Studio

    Phantasy Star Online 2 *colon* New Genesis

  • roughy762004

    Hey! I'm going to find out where they are, IN GAME, to meet them.

  • F G4
    F G4


  • Phox7227

    Missed opportunity: Have Conan build his Thick Thigh Character with the character creator, or just have someone build a Newman as close to Conan as possible! PSO2 has Virtual Idols but why not virtual Talk host? It could work lol

  • Zain Mumtaz
    Zain Mumtaz

    It's launching in 3 days yall better play itt..I want a full live stream of conan , gorley and sona

  • Eric Wycoff
    Eric Wycoff

    "We all know what photon arts are." LOLOL

  • Douglas Grayson
    Douglas Grayson

    maybe play the game? ugh

  • Readygamestart

    Conan and his hilarious commentary xD

  • Devon Hummel
    Devon Hummel

    I’d love to see a clueless gamer with all them playing!!!

  • jeremy paul
    jeremy paul

    Who's the other girl? She's beautiful.

  • AlfredTheButler

    Damn I expected gameplay

  • treefiddytwo

    i loved phantasy star universe. bummer they don’t release these games in my region/platform

  • 1Deag Wonder
    1Deag Wonder

    Who is sonya?

  • 1Deag Wonder
    1Deag Wonder

    Who is sonya?

  • Culturally Significant Nickname
    Culturally Significant Nickname

    Pretty sure Conan could never finish Zen.

  • HatsuneMikuV1

    Girl :"You can still come over." Conan: "I don't wanna go over there." 😂😂🤣

    • Wayward Mind
      Wayward Mind

      "Girl"? "GIRL"?! That's Sona, good sir. You pay the proper respect, dammit. :D

  • ektingers

    Love clueless gamer!


    Please play this you guys omg im playing this game now omg lol

  • DeathsWaitingRoom

    does conan even play video games?

  • Biofan813

    Id really love to watch everyone playing this on stream

  • masterman9999

    Just call is PSO2.. jesus.

  • David

    The fact this video exists on his channel

  • Azu Shi
    Azu Shi

    Please take this chance to pass on to Conan that his celebrity guests for Clueless Gamer are making it not funny. E.g., JB Smoove tried, but he tried too hard. The jokes weren't going back and forth. I think celebrities just aren't a good fit cause they feel like they need to stand out, which subtracts from the comedy. It's more funny with Conan and his staff ONLY. Good idea. Hope u record you guys playing together in the hotel lol.

  • Lisa S
    Lisa S

    I'd watch this ALL DAY BRO. shout out to the editor.

  • D H
    D H

    Conan has to be the only person in the world that says "dip and chips" in that order. 😂

  • Ronie Maia
    Ronie Maia

    I never thought PSO2 would be in Conan. now that's a surprise. it's releasing on June 09. So let's all try it out.

    • Marcus Medina
      Marcus Medina

      Conan's Canon. LOL!

  • Andrei Nugroho
    Andrei Nugroho

    Thicc thigh save lives

  • Georgi Spiriev
    Georgi Spiriev

    8:14 Yes. It's called Dark Souls. In it, you gradually accept yourself for what you are - a good for nothing pleb!

  • Des S
    Des S

    I don't think any 'team building' game would work better for them than 'Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes'

  • Kid Anime
    Kid Anime

    I'm gonna use someone else's credit card 😂

  • Seanè the Smol
    Seanè the Smol

    As someone whose character has tiny hands and massive sausage thighs I just feel very called out rn

  • Icaro Miranda
    Icaro Miranda

    Imagine teaming up wih Conan to defeat a giant robot. And I thought I couldn't get more hyped for this game!!!

  • Icaro Miranda
    Icaro Miranda

    "Is there a point where a frog tries to dodge traffic?" HAHAHAHAHA You can't get more old school than that 🤣

  • Priest Morrison
    Priest Morrison

    Thanks Conan! *mah FAVORITE Franchise

  • Alex1337 00
    Alex1337 00

    the only thing i see is aarons crooked painting behind him.

  • PaladinG14

    Game review on point, Thicc Thighs Save Lives

    • Marcus Medina
      Marcus Medina

      I just customized my character last night to be thiccer last night LOL!

  • Jared Mehraban
    Jared Mehraban

    We...we all know the photon arts. That's elementary school stuff.

    • Neiloch

      My absolute favorite part. Just them shutting him down like he was being a condescending prick. Such a great gag.

  • Daviddo

    Can we please have "Conan's Anime Corner" cuz we all know deep down he's a weeb lol

    • Matteo Gagliardi
      Matteo Gagliardi

      I’d be willing to bet he’s never watched a full episode of anime

    • cosmosofinfinity

      Make him watch Detective Conan

    • Chris Mulkey
      Chris Mulkey

      Just show him the first Madoka movie. Or A Silent Voice if we want to watch him cry.

  • Charlock

    Yes, "RPG game" isn't repetitive at all.

  • Matt

    lolol so want more of these

  • CasePB

    Gotta be honest, I started to get bored of this chat about half way through.

  • FishboneINK

    Conan should start an anime podcast.

  • Daniel Juncos
    Daniel Juncos

    “Always good to work ‘colon’ into your title.” Also always good to have two women with similar voices named “Sona” and “Sonia” on a podcast.

  • TheElusiveHombre

    PSO2 + Conan is definitely a fever dream. I'll be right back, I need some moonshine.

  • Kakaxil



    Who is that other lady? I haven't seen her before on Conan.

  • Hans Korn
    Hans Korn

    I’d watch a mini-series of them playing PSO2: New Genesis. I hope it pushes through.

  • Glen McLauchlan
    Glen McLauchlan

    These people are cringe. Plus, every real fan knows this is PSO3. Its called PSO2NGS so as not to upset millions of people who have spent thousands of dollars/yen on cosmetics.

  • toh ping Tiang
    toh ping Tiang

    Set 1000 years later... 1k years and they are still doing the same as years back. They destroyed the Primodial darkness years back.

  • Krayzie Stryker
    Krayzie Stryker

    Yes, Conan gonna be weeb soon :p

  • Sympathetic Chimp
    Sympathetic Chimp

    conan looks like he was generated in the game engine

  • Spencer O'Neill
    Spencer O'Neill

    Poor Conan never stood a chance against the androgyny that is anime character design

  • K J
    K J

    lmao this is great

  • Styx

    Never thought I’d ever hear Conan say “I want T H I C Thighs” Conan really is a cultured man.

  • Justin Chan
    Justin Chan

    They should react to Genshin Impact.

  • Raam Rajaram
    Raam Rajaram

    Old man conan - do forbidden west


    Who is the blonde woman ?

  • James B
    James B

    What is this, a crossover episode?

  • John Burke
    John Burke

    *Take a shot everytime someone says "Phantasy Star Online" within the first 100 seconds...* 🥃🥴 You're welcome.

  • Afique Amirule
    Afique Amirule

    I'm crushing hard on sonja and that tattoo on her hand was unexpected its so cool and cute

  • Nick K
    Nick K

    Kinda just want to make Conan watch the FFXIV Endwalker trailer and see if it can get a reaction out of him. SE marketing don't let me down.

  • Urzu06

    Welp... Conan mentions the word game. Now I lost the Game.

  • Blake Dao
    Blake Dao

    Now I'm really looking forward to meeting Conan in game lol

  • Sayed Is Trending
    Sayed Is Trending

    Did Conan say Doritos? Sounds like the perfect gamer cross platform snack 🎮😆👍

    • 1Deag Wonder
      1Deag Wonder

      Sounds like he will be receiving free doritos soon

  • Rick Hunter
    Rick Hunter

    People call it PS02 -

  • C L
    C L

    Gourley is great

  • Mellow Valentine
    Mellow Valentine

    Wasn’t expectin this.

  • mr pronoob
    mr pronoob

    Please play it

  • Tweedledee

    Oh come on guys you said you gonna let him play resident evil village :'(

  • Ana Shuman
    Ana Shuman

    Connan is fellow geek ! awsome!

  • Ana Shuman
    Ana Shuman

    I love you Connan!

  • The Lost Marbles
    The Lost Marbles

    New blonde chick hot and Conan make fun joke.

  • Optical Palm
    Optical Palm

    7:34 Yeah sure Blay, they would've guessed that 😂

    • Condor

      Yeah that made me laugh. My dude hit them with more jargon right after they said not to lol

  • Optical Palm
    Optical Palm

    Conan seems "excited" 😂

  • Jump on Yaya
    Jump on Yaya

    segas marketing is just something else im so confused XD

  • Shahbaz Vegeta
    Shahbaz Vegeta

    I really want him to play battle royale games with voice chat on 😆

  • Shahbaz Vegeta
    Shahbaz Vegeta

    Conan is hilarious 😆😆😆can't get enough of him 😆😆

  • yoshtodd

    yess more of this please

  • deffbee

    Whose the hottie?